Bass BAss BASS…….

Cheering for our Bassie to wake up. Last night we were at the hospital again and again, they were sponging him and because his condition seems to be getting not any better, he had to undergo another operation soon..
we were not allowed in till about late 10 plus, but this time, i was not allowed to have any contact or conversation with him. we could only view him outside the glass and he was so skinny and it seems several more tubes were connected to his body. Difficulty in breathing it seemed, they laid him flat to lie down, and still, he was IN A DEEP SLEEP… He is not awake yet.. WAKE UP BASS, wake up.

It is so subjective. Everyone would loved BASS to wake up, on the other hand, we know deep inside if he does and if he does wake up, does he wake up to a full heathly strong and acknowledable body? Does he still have that cheeky naughty and strong mind? or does he wakes up to a vegetable body and a mind of no recognition?I guess, its not up to us to decide if we prefer him to WAKE up either to a heathly or weak Body. I guess its all up to BASS now, if he chooses to live…. or give up fighting for his life.
It is so so depressing seeing our BASS lying flat, unmoved, with tubes all over, so quiet, tears dripping from his corner of his eyes,.. so quiet, so serene,.. so silent of BASS… its just so unlike him… I just can’t help but feel so sad.

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