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Old Photos of Fantasy

so was trying to get some packing done but the days seemed to be pack as in “packed” and so…. Maybe will get down to it this weekend.

The rain has been pouring madly since last evening. Might as well, kill the haze around. but its making us si-bay inconvenient. The office here definately ain’t any shether and me being the laziest around refuse to handle the “stick” , became the drench duck this morning. Lesson learnt.

And sometimes in the mist of enjoyment, you “forget” your dinner before drinkin, and the next day you wonder why in the world you did that. Because the-next-day effect is torturing.. gaga. LEsson 2 learnt. (never seemed to learn)

Last evening, met up with Bass sister with AK at Pub stories to collect all the Bass’s photos to compile. It was a mighty tall stack, tons and tons of photos that Bass kept. And it was SUCH A Hilarous LAUGHTER. the 151 people all look so TOOT in their olden Days haha.

SI-bay TOOT, bay tahan…haha

will post it in soon. Pictures coming up.

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I had a heartburn yesterday afternoon after the meal of malay rice.
wonder if its too oil or too malay for me.
me heart cramped badly and for a moment i thought i was going to faint….

trying ways and means to get the photos into the system since i have no easy access to a computer now. so … every thing is so delay-ed now.

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Bass passed on – 7 day..

It is believed that when a person passed away, the spirit will wander and
go to the familiar and favourite places.

so it happened to fall on the saturday 26, 11pm. we had dinner drinks and waitedtill 1pm. , for prayers to Bass.
Very funny all sorts of ideas to place Bass empty chair. Incase he did come and was looking for a seat.
This and that and this and that.

Then they thought we probably we humans had too much yin yang energy, probably Bass couldn’t sit together with us, so they placed a table behind me and the empty chair with food beer and lots of cigarette. So it was settled at that. Comical isn’t it and at the same time, emotional for all of us.

Burned lots of money, accessories for Bass at 11pm, lots and lots. and they started dedictating songs for him, using the handphone as a device of music. It came to Soldier of Fortune, and everyone started singing along with Bass favourite song, “soldier of fortune”..

We had lots of laughter and light tears,… the detachment of him from us is obviously too much to handle esp for some of them. The once-upon Bass that had so much human touch and the initiator of drinking, the once-upon joker and teaser of 151, is now a guess. We can only feel him through our hearts, our memory, our beliefs..

so did Bass join us that night… I guess he did pass by…
eating, drinking, singing,,…. gathering

Click on the picture for enlargement

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seriously neeed to get a LAP–TOP soon ……….
can’t blog
can’t surf
can’t msn.

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Goodbye Bass William

Sitting here and waiting , waiting and I realised that Im waiting for nothing. I guess Im waiting for someone to call and tell me about the procession.
However, I know there wont’ be such calls.
I was scrolling through my mails this morning and came across
A mail that got me so twirl and sad.
As much as I would like to hold on to the beliefs of “life” and the mail,
I know inside its ain’t what it is.
So as I sit here in dreamy and sadden eyes, picturing the scene of the funeral,
(and joyce called to let me listen to the Band playing),

And here for Bass as my thoughts and feelings flow through him to me:

He sleeps in peace and relief,
Free from a month’s of pain and struggling.
He’s dark black eyes finally awoke,
In tears and serene
Tears of his departure from us,
Serene at last to go on to the other world.
He spoke at last, for us to continue with our lifes,
Leaving a small area in our hearts and minds,
To store our memories together with him,
His smile, a deepest rememberance,
As he whispered goodbye,
Slowly diminishing into thin air.

Goodbye Bass..

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Bassie’s death

Our BAssie has left us on the morning 1124am, 21st August 2006.

Exactly 1 month when he landed himself in hospital and in coma, 21st July 2006 morning.
Almost the same time.

Nothing can describe our feelings that evening when we watched in truth of his death as we witness in certain, when the caretakers brought in his body, dresses him up and prepared him in await for his coffin to arrive.

He has gone away, motionless, liveless and still as they laid him to rest in the coffin.

Concidentally, I took 21&22 leave, for no special reason , but now I know, that there is / was a purpose for leave, to be at his wake, for the last time, the very… last time, but now this last time, is at his Wake……

Sadly, I doubt very much, and in fact no I could not send him off this Thursday.. not at all possible to take the leave …..
tonight, would be our last night with Bassie,…
Bass, go in peace… ..we all miss you….. I do… and the memories will always be in our hearts,…

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Toa Payoh Lorong 5

Reminded me of my childhood days, yesterday me parents and I went back to toa payoh Lorong 5 for dinner and came across that the other day at Bishan, we happened to realise that I was born in Toa Payoh Lor 5 and of course, that’s where the rest of them was from and lived there as well tons of years back.
And after so long drinking with them, we realised that we were from the same hometown..
And recollection of the places and the CC that we used to played in, the temple and playground. All has been re-maked now into a more modern, unfamilar area now though.
Also when I went to visit Bass, happened that his brother and I talked about Toa Payoh tooo. Memories of what man… is this what getting old is about… hehe,

Back to dinner, we were craving for the Teochew Fishball noodle but IT was CLOSED so ….. had simple meal and left for home. Me slept so pretty early that I felt so much better today..

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Internal Moving in the office

We gona have to shift our position of siting after the reshuffing .
1 Sept 2006 gona be our moving day. Me think me gona be a desktop down beside my boss….

Anyway no impact on me.

the tech girls are having so much fun deciding on the last meal for their dept funds, in the end, it turned out to be a quarrelsome, sore-out no meal day. Some cannot make it, so they changed the timing, some thought it was too far, so change the venue, at the last min, some decided they had not enough hours for the week for a long lunch, so someone got mad and CANCELLED THE WHOLE OUTING! gagahhh,,,,,…… office humans office humanss…..

And my Dept has added 2 new colleagues, one transferred from tech dept.

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suddenly felt so boring and out-of-life.

Last evening, my aunt sent me a sweet concern sms that left me a little teary. There is nothing sweeter than family bond.

Think im getting a little melancholy, maybe because i think im getting tired. Maybe because i didn’t have enough sleep, maybe because i falling ill, maybe because Im really getting a little melancholy. One of those moments that will by pass sooner than I thought….. no problem man!

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Visit to Bass..

Last evening, I landed myself at Tan Tock Seng, a familiar route as always to see Bassie. I talked to him for an hour or so, talk and talk until I think
I dreamt of him. He had tubes inserted through his legs now, instead of the hands for his lungs infection. Aiyo, seriously, I wondered where has he drifted to…
He must have heard us talking, I hope..

My half top pajamas is missing. Must be Benji! Wonder where has he hidden it! NB. He probably sent me that innocence look tonight when I ask him.

Not sure what is happening, havent had a bite yesterday until in the evening.But it was several bites, bits of food into my stomach and until now,
Never feeling hungry yet. Okay, now back to WORK NOW………. chow

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