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Hwa Ge taught me Miracle of Friendship

One simple fact I learnt from them……….

Everyone has their own individual faults so after knowing the each and individual faults, we do not expound on it. Or else their friendship could never have lasts so long.

So when the person act or does weird stuff, instead of being piss and angry about it, they laughed about it, because they still treasure each other. And we do not expect everyone to see the same way, for God make our 5 fingers different, and we are born different with our own individual beauties, origins and faults. Therefore, we are all different.

The best part if is being able to see the person’s fault and still be able to accept the person as a friend. This is the miracle of friendship.

And that is how they survive so many centuries, together. Still clinging on, as friends be it good or bad, rain storm or sunny.

you be amaze how this is so true and applicable in 151.

I learnt this
from Hwa Ge, 151.

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Bass passed on – 2 day

the buddies gathered at 151 this 2nd saturday of his death, to offer incense, joss papers and to drink and be merry as always, and hopin he be back and be merry with us. (yeah sounds corny but still…)

this day we must have completely forgotten about it, we made arrangement to go bbface. good thing was we went to bbface early, finish a bottle of martell and came back before 1.
and we stayed at 151 till 4am. applause.

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