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I got an Email about Bass

gotten this email from someone i dun think I know…….I just read it today. I thought that it was so touching..

Hi Serena,

Some of the happiest days of my life were spent at Chinois Chinois,
listening to Fantasy. Bass was a damned nice guy, and I was devastated when ********** told me that he had died.

********** referred me to your blog. I read it while I was at work, and had
to go to the Mens’ Room so no-one saw the tear that rolled down my cheek.

I’m sure he will always be there when you need him.


Thanks whoever you are…for this email.

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S’pore Dreams & Devil wears Prada

Lousy film. Critics gave such wonderful compliment… to my disappointment.

Devils really funny and touching in the end……

Seems that ain’t any great fatastic movies this season. its all the so-so movies. So movies does also have their peak periods. and when all the good shows are out, they seemed to fall together in the same fall. Can’t they segregate them a little?

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Internally Moved in the office

Im so proud of my friend when I heard the good news yesterday. Am very happy for you girl, please do take very good care of yourself.
Its nice to have good news once a while and you feel lighted and lifted, especially when your good friend is up and cheery once again.
And I am super-duber delighted for her….

So the restructuring of our office is finally completed. Me no longer Kevin’s assistant, alittle funny though . And every one’s shiftted to where they belonged, all ready for the renewal.

Here comes’ the battle….bang bang bang

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