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Florence & I 7th Year Annivesary

24th Sept 2006 is me Jessie and Florence 7th year anniversary. To celebrate the event, we chose tonight for dinner and drinks which happened to be at Clarke Quay, food and drinks at Estee. Short event but its our 7th year together, esp with Florence. And going backwards, these 7 years was full of not just happy moments but difficult, sad moments, just between us, but ever since as of today we are still together.

Nothing is, of course perfect and smooth, but to be able to stay and endure each other’s good and bad points, is , indeed an amazing miracle from God. God made friends, friends to go through not only the bad times together, but to be able to accept our faults, and to turn our faults to deaf ear, cause again our 5 fingers are not equal and not everyone is perfect and not all are MADE TO BE THE SAME… for all humans are all different in the like of human-NITY..and of GOD

Why do we always expect people to see the same view as us? DO we not forget that we are made differently. If it was so, we would all be the same like, doing the same stuff, talking the same monotonous tone, in the same like, of the same image. But we are all created differently, so this I learnt, that we not hope that we are the same, and not in the same view, and humans are all full of mistakes and faults, for we do not come in perfection.

Thank you jie……

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Our Sat at Estee

And off to Estee. Seems like lots of fun… Totally packed last night. but i left early due to unforseen circumstances.. Me was consumed by Guinesssss.

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My Right Vision

Must be the lack of sleep or some minor complications that my right eye went completely blurish for the last 2 days.
Thought the poor vision eye could recover today but it didn’t seem to work very well this morning. And I feel like an invisible One-Eye-Jack, unknowingly to others though. Could be my vision is all heavily burdened on the other 6/6 eye that its causing my head to pound.
The side effects of the lasik is inevitable. Even after several donkey years……..
I have a headache now.. Gahhh

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