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Our theme for our D&D

And the topic of the week in the office is :-

“Are you wearing Retro?”….
“Are you dressing UP”?””
“Wear what ah?
“Tonight go shopping la, see got Retro clothes or not!”‘
“Old already no need to dress UP la”
Aunty say” what is RETRO AH?
“Are you wearing RETRO????””””””””””

And the same sentences went on and on for the last and this week………..groah!

We are having our Retro D&D this Friday!

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Dao Yi

Today is my favourite Dao Yi’s 23/24 death anniversary.
Always fondly remembered by me who left me at my so-very-young-age who has doted so very-much on me.

okie…Back to work……….

Snow skin small mooncake—— yummy… SOMEONE GIVE ME ONE NOW!!!!!!!!………

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