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Uncle Anson Chinese Birthday

Release’ss photos coming upp……………

And after the temple to 151 and to Este for our preHalloween nite plus a bonus of Anson’s Chinese Birthday. It was announced loudly thanks to AK…n b

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Last evening at the temple. Not very precise with the occasion but anyhow, there were procession the whole night after which set off to the beach….seaside. whichever.

The big rough truck knocked the hell of a car’s side mirror and was at a halt at the cross jam roads, quarrelling before the car decided to move on with his huge long joss-sticks. Joyce was so fierce, she went over to the rough big truck driver’s supervisor and volunteered to be the witness if the rough big truck driver still insisted on the car’s driver’s fault.

New PC at Office

Me got a new pc at work! Steady la! So much faster at a rapid speed..

Steady la!

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My uncle’s GF is insulting my mother

What a tiring Monday. More to come this week.

And me Mother’s brother’s girlfriend is such a fucking cb jerk (with not MUCH due respect). He knew her through the chat line internet recently and guess what? She packed her bag from Malaysia and resides here now.

She is controlling his life now, not just that, she is making a hell in our families. My mother has been taking care of him and handling the issues of his little house ever since I remembered and the fucking possessive insane bitch of his tells my mother that she has no business to handle the issues of the house.

She goes to my Uncle’s house and shouted at the tenant inside and threatens her to leave the house within a month.

She calls my mother a prostitute and bitch. She wants my mother to leave. She shouted at my father. Twisted my father’s words. A lawyer she wants to be, Puke! She controls my uncle until he is so stone and follows her around like a dog.
She wants to call the police and accused us of bullying her.!!

She sms the tenant in the middle of the night all the nasty messages, calling her a prostitute and accused her of seducing my uncle.

She threatens my uncle with suicidal thoughts if he refuses to be with her or comply with her.

In summary, she is crazy, MAD and the wires in the bird brain of her’s has busted!
The fucking insane bitch has been jilted once and now trying to control my uncle’s life messing up my household!

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Ah Heng’s Son’s Birthday

We had a different mood this Friday spent at a Chalet instead.

Drink eat Tow Dia Di and back to 151. Incidentally.

Photos transferred to Multiply “My Photos” October 2006 Album

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My Idols

I did a x-ray on my ankle

Yipee I finally went to Shenton Medical at Republic Plaza after lunch yesterday for an x-ray to the torn-ligament-ankle which was getting unbearably pain and aching.

Seeing the doctor and getting the x-ray was no sweat! THE slowest section was the waiting to be registered that drives me crazy…

Sequence of SHENTION Medical at Republic Plaza.

Arrival: 1.30pm. Took a number
1st Registration: 2.15pm
See Doctor: 2.30pm
2nd Registration To x-ray: 2.45pm
3rd Registration AT x-ray: 3.00pm
X-Ray done: 3.15pm
2nd Xray done: 3.25pm
See Doctor: 3.35pm
Back to Registration for Specialist Appt: 3.45pm
Registered another Specialist Appt: 3.50pm.

I reached back office at 4.30-5pm. i think

Colleagues thought I had resurrected!

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When your Best Friend Truly Understands..

Its so comforting when your best friend understands you thoroughly especially when I dun have the answers to my puzzles…

And Helen told me that, sometimes, when we are at a different phase in life, we tend to mix with different group of friends. Maybe at a turning point in life, you withdrew yourself and move on…and everyone just moved on …….sometimes there is no reason why, just a part and puzzle of life. And she understands that, my little pregnant friend.

Ps. Having a baby inside tends to make one more womanly, and matured… Things she talked all sounds so comforting and motherly toooo……… gaga

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My 10s Live-Withouts..

Me can’t-live-withouts or else I feel handicap

– Me Snoopy
– Me Sleep-in-Blanket
– Me Internet computer
– Me Camera
– Me Handphone
– Me Tag HeUer
– Me Music
– Me Pimple Cream
– Me Hair clip
– Me “Box” of “”sweets””

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The Queue at the The free "Today" Paper

The humans actually queued up making a long stretch of human chain from the almost-reaching-control-station to the platform outside the Yishun MRT station, just waiting for the arrival of the free “TODAY”!

So tempted to snap a shot of the queued.

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