As I sit here

As I was sitting right here, looking at the photos, I never thought I miss, missed someone so dear. Someone that I know that will always be there, but never thought he will actually disappeared off to somewhere so far away from us, me. I suddenly realize, realized, that he is indeed away from all of us. Bassie!
The one that kept me in 151 all the time, the one that called me to 151 for lots of beer, the one that kept me till 5am that night!

The one that always pet-ted. my head saying-ing.
The one that drank with me all the while at River View in the early hours,
the one that listened and had listened to all my nonsense,
and to all my problems. A quiet one.
And the one that we went for Makan during his Breaks.

Suddenly, he chose-d to walk away, from us!,, Me, joyce, anson and 151, and his closed friends……..

That is just typical Bass, William..

Expressionssss appears when liquor takes a little part…..
and always ..our dearest………..our dear friend….

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