Wu Bar at BOAT QUAY!

Still don’t know where is WU? Don’t bother to even step near!
Situated at Boat quay, this small little insignificant pub is not even worth the visit!

This is Wu Bar

Remember the last time we went in for some beer and were told off by the next table customers that we had no standard because we were drinking beer and they were drinking the left overs previous visit’s bottle chivas shared by more than 4 people? And the BOSS supported them because they open bottled so he considered them high class? And say we caused trouble because the same group of customers was about to pester us and say we no standard? Called themselves collar shirt working adults ?

They are WORST then WOLFS and not a little bit of decency! So what working in office type? Come to at night drink a little, DON”T know how to behave! Think all girls will jumped at them? Think 2X!

Well the BOSS of WU treasure that idiotic customers so dearly that the customers went around offending other customers and us and even the WU staff, pestering , harassing the staff, the BOSS even side those idiotic stupied customers. The BOSS look up those bottled drinkers so dearly that when his girl staff was being pestered hound and stalked by them, she told them off and instead of helping the helpless poor girl who was harassed,

THE BOSS scolded her!

Where is the staff welfare? Ask any man to pester and harass WU”S BOSS girlfriend, wife or daughter man! See whether he still side those BOTTLE drinkers cheapo senseless customers or not! What kind of boss is HE?

WOW? Go complain to police man! 100% the Bottled cheapo nuisance customers can be charged for harassment! And slowly slowly the beer drinkers never stepped into WU!


Because the boss look no up the beer drinkers only that stupider idiotic customers that maybe say one week drink 2 – 3 bottles shared by more than 4 people.

And maybe the WU boss should just open a PUB just for this stupid customers and maybe just sell martell or chivas since see the beer drinkers no up!

Little does he knows the profit from beer is XXXX times better than bottle liquor!

Large view of Wu Bar at Boat Quay!

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