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All mixed up with other computers

Our system in the office tracked user-last-change data and so, when the Beh asked me to show her the enquires to view her last change, I did,… at her desktop.

It showed the last change, with her name for that particular data!

So, wanted to further prove the efficiency of the enquires tracked-changes, I held on her “mouse” and was going to show her that,

ST:- “ok, see if I click save, it will appear my name ……and the date I save….…..”””

Beh:- “ you go back to your computer and try!………..”””

ST:- “ oh yah hor……..”

Stupid me

the blur me today

I’m Feeling: …..

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I didnt leave keys for AK

What could have been dumber and sotong?

I never err not one time but today.

I woke up pretty early to get to work on time. So happy I managed to be ready, earlier than me parents.

Before my parents left the house, I opened the gate quickly make my way to the Train station. Daddy waved notion for me not to lock the gate, so I dropped my little keys in my bag and scurried to the station. And the family left the sleeping AK to his dreamland quietly with the 2 doggies.

Along the way, I realized the keys I had dropped in my bag left AK stranded in the home with NO way out through to the locked doors…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank goodness, my father’s good conjecture Plan B came in handy..

Phew.. how could I have dropped the keys in MY BAG!
Never did that before.. sotong…!

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Man in the lift

I walked towards to rear of the lift cabin in the office building when this young chap in his late thirties and the others stepped in. While the lift was at a standstill for the others to “alight” on the other floors, this stupid young chap back facing me, starting moving himself backwards until he almost squeezed and stepped on me back, to the rear of the wall of the lift!

Lucky me, my REACTION was fast enough, my arms and hands was in full armored and it retaliated by whacking his back and pushing him back to the front and he JERKED and BUDGED violently, forward to the opening of the lift cabin.

He quickly smiled and apologized and me just pulled a straight boring, irritated face at him!

I’m Feeling: …..

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lovemysnoopy is tired

lovemysnoopy is ill, tired and restless…

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Our help is in the name of the LORD

Its so sorrowful, I feel sorrowful in the low times and I guess in a way or the other, the parties surrounding me feeling a sense of sorrowful and trouble-ness.. the work, the personal the families…

It takes over our self and in times of these moments, I feel teary all the time. It just comes, without a warning,… every sensitive touch, every sensitive words and movements, the trigger the tears of sorrows and wishfulness….

And then I remembered last Sunday when we all gathered in the Ship for a sermon I had felt so touched and tear-ly honest in a long while.

God doesn’t just want our praises but to pour our sorrows and troubles up to him, for Him to pull us through our difficult times, to walk with us, in our pains and doubts. Our down moments, seemed so lost and alone and all the time, we are trying to put on a cheerful superficial laughter and smile appearance to the world when actually, we are beaten inside, hurt and questions popping…

And me thought the sermon was just so human and touching and true until I realised it touches everybody’s heart that day… solemly.

What is the strength for us to walk through our difficult times?

– Love?
– Our familes?
– Our friends?
– Self?
– Monetary?

And with no relation: –

The AK and Uncle Snoop:-

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Dead Silence?

We wanted to be scared a little after a boring day in the work, the AK me and Yeng after much emails went to catch the movie Dead Silence!
Jumpy and scary moments more to the sound and effect of the movie that makes you jump and watch out the corner scenes… thought, a little entertaining with the dolls….
Ventriloquist dummies, dolls that came alive after humans made and adore them, making them talk…!
So I was starting to wonder about my baby snoopy… but every time we intimate Uncle Snop, our mouths ain’t very much the Ventriloquist, so maybe not very convincing!

Because the movie starts pretty near our knock off time, we rushed to grab burgers, HOtDog Burgers over the kiosk and globble it down in the dark movie room…
Ha ha the AK say every time out with the Big BABY YEng always ended up having HOTDOGGS….High Class ones somemore..
1st – Jacky Cheung COncert

Some light moments of music and drinks at the King’s Hotel… The man said it was peaceful, relaXing night,,… …

go back very early you know?! 12am

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The LeXUS part 2

Yeah the Beh reminded me something very KPO I saw this morning. Remember the LEXUS story i posted?

Me first pass by the Lexus (us usually) parking at the Taxi Stand with some company this morning.
2 police cars surrounding the car, with 4 policemen on call. One police car in front, the other behind the Lexus.

Beh came later then me, she witnessed 3 police cars on call. 2 behind the Lexus and the policemen were surrounding the LEXUS!


Booking or fine no need so many policemen isn’t it?

So inquisite now! Yet, I knew better not to take my camera to shoot the scene I saw…
Now my KPOness is wondering what the hell had happened!

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The Storm

There is such a storm outside right now, such grey darkness fogginess of 80%, I was drenched from the lunch at Maxwell, even before reaching the luncheon, my bandaged leggie was quite wet from the few mm floods and it got wetter when it thought was about to dry on going back to the office.

I must be nuts,….. the colleagues were ordering the Ondeh Ondeh and ask if I wanted in MAXwell and I said okay okay without knowing what was it. Apparantly when all ordered, I thought must be 好吃 ! When they passed me the desert, it was coconut. I can’t take coconut for peanuts!

The storm continued to blurr the universal, looks like dooms day to me, the unwell me had little munch of luncheon, what makes the appetite worst was the un-favoured tastelss fishballs noodles me and Big Head had!

The name of the stall at MAXWELL: WonderfuL

The food not exactly wonderful leh. Thank goodness I had an alibi, Big Head Lian who thought so tooo…..

Back to the storm outside, makes me want to go home, have a hot shower and hide under the quilt covers under the arms of the darling.

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Embarassing moments

Embarassing moments was/is:-

When I was sound asleep and oblivious to the surroundings in the Train Cabin, my head started nodding to the right and left of my neighbours…
( just happened again this morning)

– The stomach churn with gases making loud noises especially in quiet places or meeting time…. (never in a noisy area)

– when I started having tears and broke into large tears uncontrollably in the office…and you pretend to stare hard at the screen hoping the tears would stop flowing…the tears seemed to penetrate deep into the heart and the eyes and never seemed to stop flowing and the colleagues are all walking about….and you have to try to escape to the toilet without being spotted the red face with teary eyes..

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7th Month English dinner at Golf Club

The 7th Month English dinner at Golf Club… The AK had 2 tables…

The AUNTIES with us


The Whiskey that we drank the whole night! They had almost 3 bottles that night… and

The mEn… with Auntie MARGARET

Bolimo got a little high and was jumpy liao

The man look like OSAMA brother… other than the size the colour the bearded face …
The evening was wonderfully great and the Tan family with the 156 people had a good night with BAN heng delicious food and lots of booze… It would have been quite peaceful except when BOLIMO out of no where got “OSAMA” to our table again to drink and the “Osama” being the big size cannot balance liao because of too much boozie, tripped over AUNTY’s KIM chair and the chair lost its balance and BOO! On the floor she and osama went rolling down… like its not enough, AUNTY Kim’s chair hooked on Auntie MARGARET’s chair and toppled down, she went along with them. Embarrasing? I was shocked and totally out-of-control. The huge sobs of laughter made me so tickish, I couldn’t think to bring them on their foot instead. A commotion of course, still they stood up laughing after that… with the others that TRIED-TO-HOLD-ON-THEIR-LAUGHTER carried them up from their shocked-FALL! LOVELY EVENING! DUn Blink! the highest BID for that night was S$20,000.00 and i got it all taped down… for some praying ornaments…. it was rather intense liao.. The BID THAT rose up to S$20K!

And one drunk Indian called SARSI had almost all the thing bidding away.. wondering if he was really bidding or drunk.. think he bid almost S$10,000.00 stuff! of course not to mention, the AK got what he wants,… the GORDEN BLEU after the S$20,000 shock, the people didn’t concentrate on the liquor item and were still in awe of the high bid, that the AK gotten the MARTELL GORDEN BLEU at a reasonable quick BID! HOrray!

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