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Sembawang BBQ Photos

Over at Sembawang
Photos are unusually blurish and unprofessionally done because i forgotten the camera and had to snap a few shots using the handphone of mine…
we noticed though some blurish shots do looked a little scary….

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Laundry at Home

the weekend is almost over… tiredness toll over us last night at our final stop at the 156 after a whole day running up and over singapore to prepare the BBQ stuff.
6 of us at the Sembawang park…

that to update later.

meanwhile me just completed finally washing the whole load of clothes that i hadn’t found any time to wash during this week. Not even one day, seems this/last week was pack with last min programmes…

oh well, its good to have something after work actually…

now its a little rest first.

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Dinner at 大上海。

The dinner at Big Shanghai 大上海 at Havelock road

Our Uncle steven had a dinner spread at 8pm and while passing time, the parents Ak me and aunty had our happy hour at King’s before adjouring to Big Shanghai. We started drinking at 6pm and by the time dinner served at 8pm at Shanghai, We had already quite a bit of liquor…

The cousin of mine returned from Australia for a holiday and meet up with her parents thus the dinner …
Dinner food at Big Shanghai wasn’t too bad, to me, probably having tasted around the Singapore, didn’t thought was very fantastic, still it was good for the stomach. Too much chinese food…. getting a little “sian” of the “high class” type of food liao,… 無趣的

I hoped everyone had a wail of time, with all the complaining and end of the day, back in King’s for the last round of whisky and brandy….

The tan family, always with the liquor…. dramatic with something to remember….

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Just so bloody curious about the case of a missing girl. Everyday someone is missing in the world yet nobody has such interest to the extend of involving the whole world into finding, yet this Madeleine in the UK has gotten such an interest in people’s heart, even mine, maybe also because of the “advertisments” the family has done and even gotten the pope and celebrities into it!

A bit over board right?

then so many people disappeared why never help? now the parents all become somewhat the “celebrity” !


The Pope and even bigger global celebrities–David Beckham and J.K. Rowling among them–have taken an interest in the search for Madeleine. People around the world have given more than $2 million to a private investigative fund begun by Drs. Kate Healy McCann and Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s parents. Yet many Americans have only a vague sense of Madeleine’s case and why it has mesmerized so many for so long. Only in the past few days, when it emerged that her parents might be charged with accidentally killing her, has Madeleine’s image begun to appear with regularity in the U.S. media.

Dinner at China Club

Thunder storm and wet floors flooded Singapore before even I woke up for work. My legs were damn wet and slippery when I reached the office, it’s the alternate weather MOODS and luckily it warned ME before we stepped out of the house with the brolly!

Yesterday evening Ann brought the destiny team to China Club at capital tower for dinner before the group call it a day at the session 2 in Singapore.
The food was not at all fantastic, again, the outside food anywhere zi cha could have been 2 times more better, but I must compliment their good well service and manners at the top of the tower.

What’s more, the scenery that over looked Singapore is breathe taking and scary for me at least, the height phobia person!

The bar over at China Club looking overlooked the entire Singapore

The Group 2 Destiny team in Singapore

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Checking AK’s Work

the AK asked me to help him run an errand in his site opposite the office of mine and Beh and Big Head Lian went together with me during lunch.,

The site door was ajar and it was pretty errie and dark inside and I looked and searched through the thin ajar door for his worker, I couldn’t see none and hear any noise so we thought we dropped over at 7-11 for some luck at the 4D counter… first before looking for his worker again.

Then I didn’t know, while we were going to make a few steps towards the 7-11, the Big Head Lian behind us, took a peep over at the site ajar door into the darkness just what I did a few minutes ago and she let out a shout and jumped a little when the worker head came towards the door face to face with her in the darkness…
So my mission was completed with a startled Big Head Lian during lunch!

I’m Feeling: …..

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Do not trust anyone. Do not show emotion. Do not fall asleep

I am surprised at the actual comments of the content of this movie, which i personally thought was “okay” just, a remake of some other invasion, althought never read body snatchers…

Whatever! its was entertaining as a movie to me!

The Yeng and AK thought they rather be infected by the alien virus than be the good person hiding and fighting all the time…

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Destiny, destiny destiny is good for the soul
I meant was the……….office IT Destiny meetings……

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Somebody left her clothes in pantry

We have a mini pantry that sits a small room table near our desk at a corner. So this morning when we stepped into the office, I noticed a mini light brown skirt with a tight stripped top hanging on one of the chair of the round casual table.
So of course, I ask the nearbys why the clothing were hanging lazily in the public,…

Seems that last week Friday, someone had brought clothings to change in the toilet and left the set of original clothings in the toilet after changing …

N my office people said that the clothes looked like my type

Turned out to be the office next door lady……. She came and claimed her clothes!

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1 hour to reach office this morning in the jam

The AK and I jumped this morning when the clock strikes 740am and we stood dazed for a while and wondering if I should get to work using the public transport and it was pouring like crazy as well.
So in the end we left the house around 8am, and got to the car to join the CTE jam!
We took one ONE solid hour from yishun to reach Ang Mo Kio.. what a way to start the Monday.
One hour!
Goodness gracious.
But I got to work, clean and dry afterall!

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