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LOng wait at the SInseh today

The wait over at the Sinseh is so bloody long just for 10mins to tu the ankle ligament of mine.
From 245pm, i was attended upon only at 4pm… today and the weather was bloody humid..
The AK read newpaper, then Newspaper, then fell asleep then read some more, i was still at the waiting area.
Just wondering the expense of it and if it’s really worth to tu the ankle . seems to be of no help seeing so many of sinseh already and the Western Doctor…

me Number. was 24. 24 24 24 never came until i became the last one at Desmond, his brother attended to my ligament ankle….

The breakfast was a superb one over at Rick’s Wan Tan mee with the parents after a not-so-heavy night at 156 drinking the leftovers and the TAO-BAO bottle of whisky from the previous Sunday 7th Month dinner…..

Rick’s chicken leg – nice not oily and tastier than any legs i ever had… yummy,.. me parents and I were so hooked on it, until we ordered 2nd plate of the CHICKEN Leg’s.. ..
lucky also today he made extra…

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