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One moment so hot
One moment it rains like cats and dogs.
Never know what is the weather these days,
So super duber un-predicatable.


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Raining during lunch is most troublesome

We had an stressful lunch, maybe just me, feeling extremely stones and unfocused due to the flue tablet of the night before, the people wanted to eat the ko ko Sarawak noodles over at Chinatown.

The sky was darkened rapily along our way to the luncheon, cutting across HongLim, and Hotel 81. the noodles we had were at Jia Re Noodles I think and it was so-so. Maybe because of the no-blend that run my lips and tougue…

Still not so bad until we went for desert at the Desert house next door did it started to storm heavily.
The brollies were all prepared but of no use.. the heavy rain splashes and made our feet all drenched, our skirts all damp and worst of all, my bandage was wet throughout.
Seeing shether is such a joy, after few steps, we entered shelter when ever possible to get drench again…Cut through Chinatown point, cut through sheltered Hong Lim and that is about all the covered-from-rain-shelthers we encountered.

All of us reached office safetly, thank goodness, with our clothes and shoes all terribily wet with rain…. The aunties and us
its still pouring now.. everyday its pouring, especaily during lunch can be very frustrating, no shelter and have to rush to come back because of the clocking.
Gosh at times like this,… i feel so frustrating..
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Everything seems boring when you are bored

What feels weaker than a weaker body?
When the body is weaken, no supplements, no energy, no nutrients, the mind collapse and you suddenly find so laze and lethargic with not even a bit strength to fight the weaken body..

So I think I steam my way through to the journey in the train station today after a boring Sunday at home last day.
It must definitely be boring because the body is boring so thus, everything is boring. And then you feel so helpless, un-listened and alone…

On a Monday morning…

I’m Feeling: …..

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