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Sizzling Rock Steak with Jessica for Farewell

Sizzling Rock Steak House at Boat Quay!

1for1 lunch steak steady prices, that’s where me and Jessica came upon when we walked along Boat quay to decide on the steak place to makan, for her farewell…

We both had the same sirloin medium steak with fries and me had gobbled up everything, because I had skipped breakfast, for the steak!
We didn’t select the –self-cook-on-the-rock because after much thoughts, we decided, it was troublesome and smelly.

The punch cheapo-trills was
When we ordered coffee, Jess wanted latte, and me black coffee thick thick (at S$4), I told the manager..

So the manager suggested, thick thick, shall I get you Espresso then. Its really thick and fragrance!

Yeah OK! I said :”Same price can or not huh””””

Not expecting him to say yes, he was readily ok with it with no reservation, ” ok ok”
Small deal thought but the cheap trills ticked us..

cheapy lor… this kind of thing also bargin….I. should ask “”coffee on the house can or not?”””

I’m Feeling: …..

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Snift snifing in the office

Snift snift!

Especially in the quietness of the office, you can literally hear the Snuffle to and fro the north to south of the office…. Goes like….”do….re…..mi….fa…so…” like an Orchestra in progress….with Double Bass Cello and clarinet playing… the double bass tone the most disgusting one, with one “snuffle””””, we would know the origin of the sniff, with tremendous phlegm accumulate in that throat and heart it seems, yet when the mucus seems to run down the nose, the person just “sniff” it back to his throat together with the THICK phlegm and again and again.

Hemmm… maybe tissues are expensive or they enjoy the sound of it… groan snuffle sniff sniff.

This goes on and on throughout the office for the last past one week and these 2 days was worst, with more of us getting the bug… but thank goodness, only 2 person decided to join the bass group. (8)
Without a thought, this bug probably is flying around attacking the whole office soon….
Then maybe we really have clarinet, trumpet, more of double bass cello ……

I’m Feeling: tons of sniffing

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