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Singapore Core Conversion Team

CLEARING ME emails in Office, when I came across this photo in June when the team was in Singapore doing the conversion for the 1st round…

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Spiting in public dining area is…

Ban mee ban mee, JASMINE went to get Ban mee for luncheon while I waited at the table we selected IN MAYSIN and looking for some defects and rubbish in the surroundings… I NOTICED that was a spit on the floor under the table…

Gosh was it not only disguisting, it really got me going. I was pacing at other empty tables while at the same time, shifting the table away from the bloody hell stuff that that particular person could ACTUALLY HAVE SPAT in a COFFEESHOP, at an EATING AREA!

What a MORON!

LUCKY I still managed my BAN MEE very well and tried to get my imagination to a standstill while eating!

What an uncouth irritating, useless, selfish PERSON……………..……….

I’m Feeling: ….. disguisting

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We woke up super early this morning

Early morning bird catches the early worm…

The AK got me to work before 8am and no tiny bit of jam at all, the traffic was SI-Bay smooth …..

The whole family went to work so early, because yesterday all had an early night, but the man woke up like 4am… never got his supper drinks so probably couldn’t catch much SLEEP is it!
Darn AK!

Gotten carrot cake for breakfast, eaten in the office somehow the taste isn’t quite right and not quite as good compared to when someone feeds you normally….

Back to quickie work for a showtime! !!!!!

I’m Feeling: …..

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