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Helen Burger King

The helen dropped by Raffles today to have luncheon with me!

We had burger King and it was raining pouring and cooling….

The girl was so executive… so smart, going for her noon work!

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We had satay bee Hoon East Coast

We finally got the luck to devour the satay bee hoon over at East Coast Hawker yesterday evening. The stall open their shutters at 5 mins past six and the queue was already lengthening then.
S$5 per plate, the AK ordered the large size individually for us and it was gobbled down to the stomachs of ours the moment the food landed on the table.
The sauce was rich and generous! The taste was just nice for everyone, fresh and enjoyable, the almost-recovering AK didn’t leave a bit leftovers for the birds to devour…..

I thought was nice too! Food food food, makes humans go crazy!

Photo is not taken from me!
Did I mentioned that neighbour KPO neighbour aunty that walked to our house that night?
She cooked something nice for us last Sunday evening, and coincidentally, we met her at the carpark, we were in the car when she passed us by to the coffeeshop and we jokingly concluded that she might have visited our house. And we gotten a phone call in less than minutes that she has cooked some ginger chicken for our supper..

That is just “no words” can describle, pai seh and Chinese say got-heart yet sometimes, she can makes you go crazy and irritated with her overly-inquistive-ness.

Oh la, everyone has a goodness somewhere ….. sometimes i can get too critically emotional…….

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