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I was just thinking about the weekend, the Friday after few glasses over at King’s, we page Yeng and went to join her over at the Arena!

Arena… darn not- familiar and it was at least, for MOI!

Huge large place, very English de dix-co, I wasn’t much of an enthusiasm to start having super loud music beating my ear drums, as I thought, probably not very used to it anymore, especially when the band
were darn lousy and very-the-english. We didn’t pre-planned for a full course cheong that night so when the girls switched to DF, we went back to 156 for 2 bottles of beer to finish up the night.

Seriously think I lost the interest for a squeezy crowded environment where you either kept screaming at the top of your voice to make your listener understood you, or you kept banging the glasses of liquor with each other to ensure that everyone is still okay and around and getting the drinks going. On top of that, the darkness makes you blurish to scan the water ice and Martell when your glasses emptied..
Maybe I found the light, so my body seemed to move slowly away from the disco scene, getting irritated as time goes by at the environment….
LOL leh…

That is just typical night scene! I got accustomed very much to relaxing sitting quiet music where our voices could be heard and communicated!

This is reporting from lovemysnoopy, the own love-to-cheong-gal… gaga
or maybe its just these few times..

The Saturday night we brought the crocodile meat to 156 for Chai to cook for us the stir-fry ginger meat and it was good. Share it with the others over there and Chai didn’t charge us a cent for the cooking materials and his work.


Not even a S$10! ????

Even heard and seen a CHI-CHA that is so nice and generous? I mean of course we were their regulars and small little favours like that, they just gladly do the cooking for us? Some more buy beer back for us at times….
And not to mention his reasonable price seafood and ready for new comments…

会做人 le!

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Monkey Tree

The talk of these 2 weeks of the Monkey Tree in Jurong that got so many Singaporeans so inquisitive and entertained by Trees that seemingly has blessed some in ways or the other.

I’m sure I will go down have a peep one of these days, but since it’s the talk of Singapore town now, thought I note it down first.

So I was asking the AK over and over if its carved on but apparantely its not lor, and I wouldn’t be the first skeptic to be negative over it before the others would go and really believe it. I am sure the rest would have some proven theories about the trees.

So till I visit the area….. Twilight zonal…

The first tree that had this Monkey image in Jurong.

The crowd in Jurong st 42. All crowding around to view the MOnkey Trees. Happened that the other surronding Trees start to appear the image of the elephant and GuanYin.

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