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I disturbed my Mother

3 blouses hanging on the railing when MOI entered the room last night and it was new, brand new blouses..
Without a doubt, my mother had bought them from somewhere and got it displayed for my eyes to my delight… they were sweet and she was sweeter…. As sweet as sweet… my MUMMY…

That’s my Mummy, …. Always too thoughtful and concern for the others..… I should think she might have forgotten self as in herself sometimes..

But ME always liked to tease her:-

Because we shared the common toilet in the kitchen and we always had the toilet door shut to PREVENT the doggies from ruining the toilet, she would always checked to see if anyone was inside before opening the door….… so she would go

M:” girl, are you in the toilet…””

Of course when I am inside I would

ST: “”” ya !”””

So at Several occasionsss…

M:” girl, ,………girl are you in the toilet…………””

And I was in the toilet I went like……..

ST:” …..NO ! I’M NOT MUMMY !!!!!!!!!!! “”””

And she would make a hissing sound like she was irritated with the tease….

Gagaga my mother.!!!

I’m Feeling: …..

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