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Walking Thro our life this Friday

It’s the weekend and me has sort of cleared up the table of my work desk and its really neat and really for the next work load or maybe the year end renewal… with the files and loose ends away from me, finally all cleared, with one more hurdle, going through one more week with the Destiny people that are still hogging the boardroom!

AND ITS Friday, time for some treats for the make plans weekends with our family..

Open my eyes :

See its softhearted , when someone comes cares and starts to open up, you go all melted and the mind started to reflect on the wrongs and rights and the current situation although its not always the right time or emotions, yet humans remains the soft and sympatric creature on earth.
And many possessions and occasions that we think we can’t see or think no longer, HIS presence will guide us through I know… and I ask that HE made everything sailing by with no torment emotionally physically and mentally.

And talking about HIM,
I believe some things are yet so hard to comprehend, when in the financial difficulties, things will just fall in nicely.. somehow, even without one cent in the broken pocket, The LORD will make sure I never grow hungry, let alone, our emotions and our life.
And just this week, the LORD made it looked so smoothly financially, you won’t have to blink the eye to doubt it.

So I ask the LORD to bring us through all our these difficulties,, US and US our emotions, mentally physically and financially…… that we were not feel alone but knowingly that HE is always walking beside us……



I’m Feeling: …..

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Someone Spit in the train cabin

Have you seen someone that spit INSIDE the train?

I probably haven’t seen or experience it yet but today,… today was disgusting!

But he was an old frail man, who were half asleep and when he woke, he seems like he was ready to alight and I was readily going to snatch the damn seat when he got up.

Who knows!

URgghhh… he started making sounds and spew out a lump of “spit” onto the floor of the train cabin right where he was seated and started spreading and thining the “spat” into thinner paste circling it with his slipper on the floor making it thinner and bigger until the “spat” was no longer a thick lump!


THE INDIAN girl beside him looked and me, and we just had to smile and look away from the old man’s direction.

I wasn’t going to sit in his seat now that I saw that!


Of course he alighted the next stop “BISHAN” and I just didn’t rush for the seat..
The aunty push and twirl behind me and so KAN CHONG to rush for the empty seat, I just gladly let her….

The signage at the cabin has 3 signs:-
No smoking
No eating and drinking
No flammable products

Nothing about NO SPITTING

Even though it has, how are we going to pull on a frail old man?
Dilemma. But disgusting

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