Dinner at 大上海。

The dinner at Big Shanghai 大上海 at Havelock road

Our Uncle steven had a dinner spread at 8pm and while passing time, the parents Ak me and aunty had our happy hour at King’s before adjouring to Big Shanghai. We started drinking at 6pm and by the time dinner served at 8pm at Shanghai, We had already quite a bit of liquor…

The cousin of mine returned from Australia for a holiday and meet up with her parents thus the dinner …
Dinner food at Big Shanghai wasn’t too bad, to me, probably having tasted around the Singapore, didn’t thought was very fantastic, still it was good for the stomach. Too much chinese food…. getting a little “sian” of the “high class” type of food liao,… 無趣的

I hoped everyone had a wail of time, with all the complaining and end of the day, back in King’s for the last round of whisky and brandy….

The tan family, always with the liquor…. dramatic with something to remember….

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