Daily Archives: September 30, 2007, 10:31 AM

Sembawang BBQ Photos

Over at Sembawang
Photos are unusually blurish and unprofessionally done because i forgotten the camera and had to snap a few shots using the handphone of mine…
we noticed though some blurish shots do looked a little scary….

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Laundry at Home

the weekend is almost over… tiredness toll over us last night at our final stop at the 156 after a whole day running up and over singapore to prepare the BBQ stuff.
6 of us at the Sembawang park…

that to update later.

meanwhile me just completed finally washing the whole load of clothes that i hadn’t found any time to wash during this week. Not even one day, seems this/last week was pack with last min programmes…

oh well, its good to have something after work actually…

now its a little rest first.

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