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JAckpot Machine

this is the Jackpot lucky machine we used

in Genting!

hands itchy liao!

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Interpretation of Dreams

Its really funny for the fun of it!
I was still trying to interpret my own dream of myself dying last night and I got one good interpretation which is so true of my present now…

From the dream dictionary:-


“”” To dream that you die in your dream, symbolizes inner changes, transformation, self-discovery and positive development that is happening within you or in your life.
Although such a dreams may bring about feelings of fear and anxiety, it is no cause for alarm and is often considered a positive symbol.
Dreams of experiencing your own death usually means that big changes are ahead for you.
You are moving on to new beginnings and leaving the past behind.
These changes does not necessarily imply a negative turn of events.
Metaphorically, dying can be seen as an end or a termination to your old ways and habits.
So, dying does not always mean a physical death, but an ending of something.
On a negative note, to dream that you die may represent involvement in deeply painful relationships or unhealthy, destructive behaviors.

You may feeling depressed or feel strangled by a situation or person in your waking life.
Perhaps your mind is preoccupied with someone who is terminally ill or dying.
Alternatively, you may be trying to get out of some obligation, responsibility or other situation.

To see someone dying in your dream, signifies that your feelings for that person are dead or that a significant change/loss is occurring in your relationship with that person.
Alternatively, you may want to repress that aspect of yourself that is represented by the dying person. “”

check out your own dreams here

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TODAY’S the day for the costume dresser –
my concept that i had for years of halloween is going to pubs/clubs dressing up and drinking, just another reason to cheong for a weekday is so…
actually its just another day of boozing and clubbing.

guess what i google upon?.

Halloween is just the “English” type of our 7th Month!

the true meaning of Halloween,


“” There is indeed a meaningful history, for at the roots of this ancient holiday are 2000 years of European-bred traditions, customs and rituals that evolved into Halloween as we know it today.

The actual concept of Halloween is derived from an early Celtic holiday called Samhein (pronounced sow-in) that took place at the beginning of the winter season on Oct. 31.

This day marked the end of summer and the end of food abundance and plant vitality for farmers.

Spirits of the dead were believed to roam freely.

On the day known as “The Day of the Dead,” living relatives would help their dead loved ones complete a safe journey to the afterlife.

People would paint or carve scary faces on gourds and turnips and disguise themselves in outlandish costumes to scare away the evil spirits that were also thought to be wandering the earth that night. “”””””

now i had an event last night back home…. .. hemmmm relating relating… i just came to realise and rememeber

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What a dream I had yesterday, I dreamt I died. I guess it probably has a linkage to some events that happened last night, in that sense that, the sub conscious banging!
And also because over at O1 and 151, we were talking about dreams and dreams and dreams. See I told them I definitely dream of something else.
Amazing, if the dreams were in relation to our day events, how amazing that it gets into our sub conscious and we dream dreams…
Or maybe it is not?

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Our Drive to KL & Genting

Our first stop after crossing JB, to change some cash and to go to release the bladder!
Here we took about 15 mins to wander and relaz a little!
Buy some titbits and smoky !

The uncle Snop get to come along siting initially behind with the parents in the middle!
The 2nd stop over for some food to fill the almost hungry stomach. Too bad it was damn lousy and dry, Daddy and I cast the burgers aside! Not dishestable ! The AK however, had 2 burgers! Hungry leh!

The road stall at the 2nd stop over!

Dinner at Roland after several stops to check the Makan, We decided to stick back to Roland and give them another chance. It wasn’t too cheap either, with the honey crabs so tastless and sweet!
Daddy’s favourite noodle hokkien balck mee, it was not too bad.

Over at Chinatown in KL, where lots of fake bags, especially the likable chanel which is so fake-ly done. Thank goodness I didn’t start to try to want to bargin, the first bid was si-bay high!

We had our supper in less than 2 hours after our dinner. Cause the Chinese Fondue (that’s what they called it) looks especially delicious and tempting.
It’s like satay and steamboat definitely to us!

Daddy and mummy got to eat too, tempted greatly even though they felt full after the dinner!
At the close of the night in KL, we had a soft light red wine down the pub in the hotel! We were the sole group until almost the end of the close!

Before leaving for Genting, the parents thought to tao-bao some roast pork up to munch. However, the pork was salty and faty! Not a good snack!

Up the usual photographic garden when you go 8 times, 9 times must at least go there and take one shot. To get the natural air-con and shot some nice photos for the brain!
Candid shots. A bit cute right, what the AK doing? Didn’t know Daddy was taking us huh…

Usual Shots
Act cute leh!
Then walk to Time Square walk walk lor…. Buy chocolates and eat along the way. Just to walk walk for the sake of walk walk!
On the way passage way to the Lake View Restaurant to meet Aunties’ friend for dinner.!!

The large Ang Mo Crabs… funnyily white isn’t it
The after dinner people!

So because it was the death of MR LIM and the whole of casino inside is not selling any liquor, no bands, no music so we managed to find a pub that allows drinking finally!

A little drink before proceeding to casino for the time of HELL! Wow!
2 jugs happy hour beer MYR110!
At the football pub.

KFC for me hungry hungry at our first stop back on the way home before the dinner 2 hours before at Malacca!

Finally at JB! Food Food Food Dinner over at JB, food nice good and cheap! Worth it.

And we Tabao Lala and wild boar meat to 156 for the people there to makan, while I unpacked and clean ourselves up and joined there later!
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Water Supply!

Back from KL and genting!
The drive up there wasn’t too bad,. But poor driver … it was heartwarming though.
More to post later.

From our return from Genting last night:-
Daddy says have to off the main water supply switch to the house when we left for Malaysia so I remembered that when we reached home and wanting to flush the system, I reminded Daddy to turn on the water supply.

Then before we adjorned for coffeeshop, I told the AK to wait while I took a bathe and after the bathe, I was still wondering if Daddy has turned on the water supply.
Mamma happened to be in the kitchen and I came out of the shower asking her if Daddy has on the water supply.

“ if daddy haven’t turned on the water supply, how did you bath just now? “””

“” _)*@#*(&%^^#%^$#@%&$(&%)*@&#$)%&@)#””””


duno what was i thinking leh!
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Cannot laugh or giggle in office now. its so bloody sensitive and critical period!

Goodness! The boss is back!

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Pleasure Factory

Pleasure Factory is the worst boring-est movie I think I ever seen next to the Pirates of the Caribean.

How can it be?

The typical true story of the life of the Geylang Prositutes in Singapore, it DOESN”T SHOW ANYTHING!
It’s a RA21 but its nothing. Its boring, speechless no talking at ALL and the camera shaking all the time, I was feeling giddy and irritated as well cause I don’t know what the existence of certain actors are for and what the story is trying to tell!

Ok! Am I gong gong or I don’t appreciate Art FILMs!

The AK and I almost fell asleep towards the end.

I felt so tired and restless after the show!

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stupid me

A general meeting was to be held for things going to Labuan and somehow I had the impression that It was this Friday, which I am going to be on leave!

So upon receiving the invitation, I rejected it straight away and happily told beh that I need not attend.
She too assume it was a Friday!

This morning when everyone walked and made noise to the meeting room, I was still bak-bodoh and busy doing my work! Until beh said to the others she thought was tomorrow and turned to tell me it was today, I still ask her, what meeting is that????

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Chatting in the Office

You can tell in the quiet office if the colleague is msn-ing, blogging or working.

Apparantly, after the rapport build up here many years, we seemingly could tell if one or the other is msn-ing. Simple theory and actions of sounds!

This morning was super-obvious.
While the super high management return from their meeting upon the big boss resignation, the quiet office has almost 90% colleagues typing, it was at a super high speed, tatata tatata tatata tatata tatat , speedy and prompt.

Everyone was KPO-ing in the msn-ing or emails… at least for a solid half an hour before you hear the typing starting to slow down. … back to normal work.

we broke into huge laughter then..

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