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Uncle Chris Bday

The Uncle Chris birthday surprise birthday cake for him after the church service during our makan session.

The AK and I were quite late reaching the church about 1115am, and worst was, there ain’t a carpark

The Birthday Song Video.

Outside catching some sea breeze after the church member told us to view the water spout..

boring lor, it was a dim water spout, by the time the camera came into action, it miss the swallowing-water-from-the -sky!
but we saw in a glimpse.

then the fishes started jumping up from the sea,, in an eccentric and abnormal behavior in the water..

they say, when animals started acting in weird and unusual manner…. is the early warning signs of the earth one’s destruction.

think so much for what!!! i am full of suspicion…Maybe its really the water spout that cause the fishes in errectic mannerism.

Sea Breeze view Video

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