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We loved YOU!

And then one girl friend of mine is pretty upset over her appearance it seemed…

And when she pour the sorrows to me, i wished I was in the beauty parlour at that moment to help to beautify and make the best of her womanhood then… but I was helpless.

Helpless for speech, helpless in action, I seemed helpless…

I wish I had special powers then…

People say heart is the most powerful weapon, but still, in a human life, who doesn’t want to look good and be well liked and be pleased by oneself and the others..

Its always a consolation to say appearance doesn’t matter but come to reality, it actually does a lot before getting into internally..

Stupid right but its reality leh!

So, meanwhile without special powers and money..,,

I can only afford some listening consolation to my girlfriend….

You still have those who loved you… why bother about those who don’t????

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Little Gossips..

very funny leh

how come i kana accuse for talking bad about a person when i didn’t?

this i don’t understand, the assumption of some people..
thinking that i am always so free to be so indulge in the person and keep talking bad stuff meh?

I myself not enough time for other stuff liao, still want to be so involved in unneccessary stuff.

I wanna giggle and laugh…

Especially when i didn’t even once speak to the others and still kana accusse for gossping about the person.

could have been a mistake, probably misunderstanding, still no smoke without fire yeah..

so just a note of comical-iness, for this case is often and has always happened to the others..

sometimes you keep clear of the others, you kana
you chose to keep quiet, you also kana
you talk, also kana

its hilarious laughable.

i guess its either people like you or dont. if the 8 characters don’t match, how nice and good you does, the opposition will find fault with you.

gaga… so its life… and be homorous over it…

cause over the other side,

there are others who loved you anyway…

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Voice of a Murderer…

The 2 water cooler hot water dispenser reeks of a burn after taste and smell…
I am so thirsty but drinking the water puts me off…



The movie we caught last evening , the true story of a 9 year old boy who was abducted for 44 days that depicks the Franticness of the famous newscaster father and his mother.

The Abductor constantly asked for ransom during this period when in the actual fact, the little boy had died of suffocation the very next day he was kidnapped.

The actual ransom in true life events asked was 70million Won, the movie raised the ransom to 100million though…….

Life true story turned to movie….hemmm

Then it was to the DURIAN puff queue to get for Daddy and Mummy and
the AK bought two WHOLE boxes that contained 10 puffs…

He had 2 puffs and was screaming that he was SO FULL and I realized the scream when I swallowed 2 Puffs after that.

It was so damn filling… SO DAMN filling that we fell asleep straight at 1030pm last night.. leaving the rest of the durian puffs to the parents to devour!

Ga GA!

While I am at it,
Jacky Cheung is having another yet concert next Jan 2008

The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 2008 – Encore…

In like 6 months, he is having another concert?

Never went inside the net and check the reason for the rushed concert,

-is he having another sickness or the throat is getting bad that might worsen ?
-is he in need of money ?
-he just wants to earn as much as possible now ?
-he really thinks we are free-loadersss… ?

Although I liked him, but I find it a bit weird to do an encorage in just a mere 6 months. A bit funny right.
What is the reason?
Anyone knows?

The water dispenser is still not repaired.

I am darn quenching for a hot water.

Btw; eating LONG KUAY TIAO (chee cheong FUN) in the car for breakfast is very yummy.. try it!

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