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Monday is probably the worst day of the work week for us.. Getting up or I should say trying to get up is a chore. There is not a Monday I never did a no-no complain.
How lazy can I get?
Its not even 1/3 of the week I am thinking of the end liao.

The weather is un-fathom-ly disturbing…it storm and decided to leave us hot humid and sweaty during lunch and its preparing to wet the ground once more now.
Thank goodness we had finished our luncheon and back in the office dry and humid.

The lunch at Hong Lim was un-relaxing. One of the stalls were internally quarrelling and shouting at the worker (or brother or husband) who was running around serving the food. The two ladies in the stall were getting trills and were very very picky on him and every little movements or wrong stepped he made, their voices escalated into sharp loud noise.

Irritating to be near this stall,. We felt no peace and didn’t really enjoy our makan throughout these commotion.



Gia Carangi

Gia Carangi
if anyone could rememeber, the First lesbian woman top super model that made it through the Fashion industry who is also the First woman who died of AIDs due to her Heroin addiction! She first left me a deep impression with the Movie Gia because of her wonderful Ups and the sadness of her life..

Gia the movie acted by Angelina Jolie that I watched years back still remains fresh in muar. I thought she is really good looking and her life sucks glamourously if not for the curse of the heroin, probably i think she exceed 100 time better and richer than Janice Dickinson (the old hag!)

First super woman model! and had her life destroyed completely…

How Aids Started

Our curious talk made of how Aids came about to my search in the internet…

And not only It constraint to gays now,. it spreading well and more to the ladies to date. ..
Ga ga

Still want to eat monkeys, ownself die can liao, spread to the others is terrible…

“Aids was transmitted from monkeys to humans in africa to start. it was then spread globally by a gay airline steward named Gaëtan Dugas. the massive outbreak in san francisco was directly caused by Mayor Nancy Pelosi when she refused to close the gay bathhouses for over a year while knowing gay men were transmitting aids in open and anonymous sex ..”

“After 25 years of speculation, an international scientific team has traced the origin of HIV to wild chimpanzees in a remote area of Cameroon, Africa. The first human to be infected with the virus is believed to be a hunter who came into contact (by bite or cut) with an infected chimp. In the early 80s, HIV was seen as a gay disease or a “rare cancer that affected homosexuals” as stated in the documentary Gay Sex in the 70s. So, why is the link between chimps and HIV an important discovery? In the wake of the AIDS pandemic, it’s crucial that we all realize HIV/AIDS can affect anyone, not just gay people. And though there is still no cure for AIDS, learning the origin of the deadly virus may bring us one step closer to saving countless lives.”
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