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was going through some auctions for the movies i want to get in EBAY , when i came across the ………

likeable, …………………….

my favourite (doesn’t it looked familar)………..


This bag is being offered at S$1,900.00!

so my attention was clearly diverted from movies to chanel, anyhow because my bids for the movie wasn’t successful…

i shall wait.. meanwhile… what is the original price of this bag if the second placement price goes at S$1,900.00??????

RICH PEOPLE OR WHAT???????!!!!!!!!

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Sotong Strikes

My excitement has uninternationally blurted out without thinking for a while.

The whole group was on the 2nd floor of Hong Lim hawker and me was telling Agnes that i gona eat the vegetarian food, the normal stall that we used to patronize.
And she said that CY mentioned that the standard of the food has dropped.

So when we reached that stall, and the CY was so far away from us,

I pointed to the stall and scream at the top of my voice to CY and ask her::::

ST: “ CY, you say that the food here not nice liao, is it??? “”””

CY just notted her head and half the group split away from me.

Then I realized I was just in front of the stall shouting away and me too, quickly walked away ………realizing the stall owners might have heard me…
With my colleagues all laughing at me…

It was really really not on purpose!!!!!

Then yesterday the AK asked me to play some VCDs shows for him to watch. So after selecting the movie, I open the player and realized that a disc was inside, probably previously didn’t take it out from the player.

Anyhow I inserted the disc for the movie the AK chosen and tried to play. Then I thought I took out the previous disc that was in the player previosuly and tried to search the bed and table. Couldn’t find!!

Then the player wouldn’t play and I told the AK that.

He said the player probably had 2 discs inside. Like I would, I took it for a joke but anyhow, open the player to verify and it had 2 discs inside!

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Pen this down:-

The AK and me did a mp3 conversion from all the CDs on all the nice songs!

A total of 181 chinese/hokkien/Cantonese slow songs – max quota reached in 1 disc!

A total of 40 english songs – somemore to add ..

And we when super excited when the small battery speaker works on the mp3 disc man for our outing purposes!

We yapp in JOY!

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My Dream of Bass new Name

Its really weird how dreams could get you thinking and pondering even you realized it might be just a passing dream.

This morning, I dreamt of Bassie, its really weird, he told me his new name!

There were 2 flashes,

one flashes that he was reduced to little tiny cracky bones and he was fragile small and everyone was waiting for his departure…

The 2nd flashes to Bass healthy and talkative and kept repeating his name, his new name to me.

3 times he told me, and the surrounding KPOs if I might call, repeat his name and made me write down in pencil and paper his new NAME, because it was just a difficult name to remember!
AND I just cannot get the name now to remember… that why when I woke, I kept trying to recall the dream’s BASS new name although it could have seem in-significance and just a dream to some, I just thought my memory could have been better!

Vague name now… so disappointed WITH myself!

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Lion Roar

There seems to be nothing to bitch about, every time when I am away from the computer, there seems to be a thousand and one thing to bitch, but comes to be in the blog, the bitching disappear.

Just the other day when we were at the coffeeshop and one of our friends’ lion, who always stood a far distance and throw her F***ing temper to show her husband her anger for sitting in the coffeshop for a F***ing long period of time, chatting and drinking happily with us. Btw, she does this almost every other day! Or else she will start to kick the 7-11 door just a distance away..

And it happened just the other day sometime this week and she walked towards the coffeeshop in the late 40s walking like those clowns that had sticks tied to their leg, walking ever straight with a lengthen face, Face that could almost touched the ground and stood at a corner, showing her F***ing anger.

The Birthday girl thought she might be nice to go over to the corner the lion is and asked if she would like to join us for makan and chat and she entered the lion’s den.
She was not only told off, the lion instruct her to get the “”” GUA’”” (the man) in mandarin over instead.

Ga Ga, what a scene.

Think of this:-

The man, the friend of ours hangout in the coffeeshop almost everyday, without fail.
Therefore, the man’s location of his relaxation is known to his wife.
He doesn’t do hanky panky.
He doesn’t get harm by anyone
He just sits at the coffeeshop and have some coffeeshop talk with a large group of us.
At least she knows his whereabouts but she chose to take advantage due to her incompetency and her lack of interaction of the world..

The irritating wife comes in anger every night to throw her old-dish temper IN A DISTANCE!
( waiting for her to come over and make noise leh, why don’t she?)

Si bay paiseh for the husband leh!

So we thought, maybe we should drag the husband and bring him to disco for the next few weekends, so that she cannot find him,.. till then will she start to panic.

Maybe bring him KaroOK, she go coffeeshop bang table she wants, cannot find him better!

Okok, every one’s got our own desire and temper, if the husband is alright with her this behaviour, well they got one!!!

i just hope i don’t get to that stage when i am old!

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