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Voices in the night

Going back to sleeping, last night in the middle of the wee hours when I was half asleep and starting to awoke, then I heard Joyce’s voice calling me “sotong sotong!”

it was really loud like she was just outside the window of mine. and the voice was very JOYCE too..

“sotong sotong!” one more time and halt!

I stood up and listen and there were many people talking and mumbling. Like normally I would get to listen and more especially when I was younger, lots of different natives voices would hound and hound upon you.

Then I laid still to listen if the “Joyce”’s voice would continue and if she really was here, outside my house, no, the voice didn’t repeat itself no more. It was the others speaking, so probably was the passers-by’s “”voices””.

And Probably I was hallucinating or in my state of sleepiness that lead to dreams of voices.
for a moment, really, i really thought that Joyce came to my house, probably was at the coffeeshop with the AK and An and came to visit me!

then my tiredness overruled me and i decided to lay down and go back to sleep. If there were any emergency of any kind, i am sure Joyce would give me a ring. so i checked the handphone, no calls..

Maybe it was really the dreamsssssssss!

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Our Big Boss Resignation

The big boss’s email came in the late morning to announce his departure. I think many were in awe shock, while some “””” and for me, was kinda a little sad, to the fact that because probably we have already gotten used to the style and pattern, the lifestyles in XLRE here Singapore and the way he function.

Scared and confused for the fact of who would replace him and the thought threaten many of us, it would be worst and very much worst.
Probably thinking negatively would be better, then in case it turned out to be a much nicer and better controllable, non-prejudice and no-biased boss, it would be an excess!

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Quote of some Days

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In Low Energy

Ever just wonder why spirits or ghost seems to be visible or be obvious when we are the most tired, sleepy or half asleep and maybe at times, most of the times, at night.

I should think that Is when the humans are the lowest in the energy and thus, the humans ability to overlap to the netherland to be able to communicate or commute with the next-nether world.
Its never that the spirits are afraid of daylight, they are never afraid.

And of course, this comes in link with the recent events I encounter…..

I have been super tired the last 2 days, no matter how much how early I sleep, the sleep is never seem deep and sufficient enough.
Even after several hours of light-sleep, maybe a little too light, last night, this morning I can actually doze off while in the train cabin on the way to work.
Can’t stand myself.

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