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Chatting in the Office

You can tell in the quiet office if the colleague is msn-ing, blogging or working.

Apparantly, after the rapport build up here many years, we seemingly could tell if one or the other is msn-ing. Simple theory and actions of sounds!

This morning was super-obvious.
While the super high management return from their meeting upon the big boss resignation, the quiet office has almost 90% colleagues typing, it was at a super high speed, tatata tatata tatata tatata tatat , speedy and prompt.

Everyone was KPO-ing in the msn-ing or emails… at least for a solid half an hour before you hear the typing starting to slow down. … back to normal work.

we broke into huge laughter then..

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Chicken Rice!

Conicidentally, last evening when the AK suggest to have chicken rice for dinner, my momma also called in a short while later to ask if we would like to meet up at Balestier for Boon Tong Kee’s Chicken Rice.

Might as well!

Must have been ages since I went to BTK. The “””newly”” renovated air-conditioned place is quite high class but the noise that stayed in the restaurant is unbearable. You hardly can hear each other when the crowds started to babble. I hate this kind of restaurant where the sounds do not travel up and seems to be in a container of sounds trying to hear each other when a dinner table is meant for fellowship and chatting cum dinner!

And there you can’t hear each other and trying to rush through a hurried expensive dinner in a restaurant. Defeat the purpose of the whole meal. So the AK said was the ceiling, the materials that build the restaurant that made the sounds stay inside!

Back to the food at Boon Tong Kee! I loved the Raw fish! I can have 2 servings by myself man! Food not too bad for hungry people, I wouldn’t like to be there more than once a month for that kind of price! Its ok!

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