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Cannot laugh or giggle in office now. its so bloody sensitive and critical period!

Goodness! The boss is back!

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Pleasure Factory

Pleasure Factory is the worst boring-est movie I think I ever seen next to the Pirates of the Caribean.

How can it be?

The typical true story of the life of the Geylang Prositutes in Singapore, it DOESN”T SHOW ANYTHING!
It’s a RA21 but its nothing. Its boring, speechless no talking at ALL and the camera shaking all the time, I was feeling giddy and irritated as well cause I don’t know what the existence of certain actors are for and what the story is trying to tell!

Ok! Am I gong gong or I don’t appreciate Art FILMs!

The AK and I almost fell asleep towards the end.

I felt so tired and restless after the show!

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stupid me

A general meeting was to be held for things going to Labuan and somehow I had the impression that It was this Friday, which I am going to be on leave!

So upon receiving the invitation, I rejected it straight away and happily told beh that I need not attend.
She too assume it was a Friday!

This morning when everyone walked and made noise to the meeting room, I was still bak-bodoh and busy doing my work! Until beh said to the others she thought was tomorrow and turned to tell me it was today, I still ask her, what meeting is that????

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