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Water Supply!

Back from KL and genting!
The drive up there wasn’t too bad,. But poor driver … it was heartwarming though.
More to post later.

From our return from Genting last night:-
Daddy says have to off the main water supply switch to the house when we left for Malaysia so I remembered that when we reached home and wanting to flush the system, I reminded Daddy to turn on the water supply.

Then before we adjorned for coffeeshop, I told the AK to wait while I took a bathe and after the bathe, I was still wondering if Daddy has turned on the water supply.
Mamma happened to be in the kitchen and I came out of the shower asking her if Daddy has on the water supply.

“ if daddy haven’t turned on the water supply, how did you bath just now? “””

“” _)*@#*(&%^^#%^$#@%&$(&%)*@&#$)%&@)#””””


duno what was i thinking leh!
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