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Our Drive to KL & Genting

Our first stop after crossing JB, to change some cash and to go to release the bladder!
Here we took about 15 mins to wander and relaz a little!
Buy some titbits and smoky !

The uncle Snop get to come along siting initially behind with the parents in the middle!
The 2nd stop over for some food to fill the almost hungry stomach. Too bad it was damn lousy and dry, Daddy and I cast the burgers aside! Not dishestable ! The AK however, had 2 burgers! Hungry leh!

The road stall at the 2nd stop over!

Dinner at Roland after several stops to check the Makan, We decided to stick back to Roland and give them another chance. It wasn’t too cheap either, with the honey crabs so tastless and sweet!
Daddy’s favourite noodle hokkien balck mee, it was not too bad.

Over at Chinatown in KL, where lots of fake bags, especially the likable chanel which is so fake-ly done. Thank goodness I didn’t start to try to want to bargin, the first bid was si-bay high!

We had our supper in less than 2 hours after our dinner. Cause the Chinese Fondue (that’s what they called it) looks especially delicious and tempting.
It’s like satay and steamboat definitely to us!

Daddy and mummy got to eat too, tempted greatly even though they felt full after the dinner!
At the close of the night in KL, we had a soft light red wine down the pub in the hotel! We were the sole group until almost the end of the close!

Before leaving for Genting, the parents thought to tao-bao some roast pork up to munch. However, the pork was salty and faty! Not a good snack!

Up the usual photographic garden when you go 8 times, 9 times must at least go there and take one shot. To get the natural air-con and shot some nice photos for the brain!
Candid shots. A bit cute right, what the AK doing? Didn’t know Daddy was taking us huh…

Usual Shots
Act cute leh!
Then walk to Time Square walk walk lor…. Buy chocolates and eat along the way. Just to walk walk for the sake of walk walk!
On the way passage way to the Lake View Restaurant to meet Aunties’ friend for dinner.!!

The large Ang Mo Crabs… funnyily white isn’t it
The after dinner people!

So because it was the death of MR LIM and the whole of casino inside is not selling any liquor, no bands, no music so we managed to find a pub that allows drinking finally!

A little drink before proceeding to casino for the time of HELL! Wow!
2 jugs happy hour beer MYR110!
At the football pub.

KFC for me hungry hungry at our first stop back on the way home before the dinner 2 hours before at Malacca!

Finally at JB! Food Food Food Dinner over at JB, food nice good and cheap! Worth it.

And we Tabao Lala and wild boar meat to 156 for the people there to makan, while I unpacked and clean ourselves up and joined there later!
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