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Adeline leaving for Australia

Got a familiar numbered- call last evening when I was lazing in the room. The dear 10 years friend of mine, the ex-colleague that always stayed supportive of me, has decided to go for a pre-trial stay in Australia with her future-husband before permanently living there for good after her long awaited marriage.

That was nice.

And she wanted to meet before she goes for her pre-trial rendezvous stay..

And the last time we met was in suntec, when I had my courses for lunch…

And I was happy for her, in her years with me together, she was awaiting for a long-time partner as her years gotten along, and finally, the dear Adeline is about to be married to an Australian..

And what amazes me was, she gave up the job here, the corporate life in Singapore, insearch for her happiness after 10 years of search… to live at a foreign land, a land that she loved so much.
So well!

i can’t wait to be at her wedding now…

gfs like her makes me at joy knowing she is happy.. yahoO!

I’m Feeling: …..

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We kana a little 4D

The colleagues very cute.. today. This morning, almost the whole office heard about what the so-called little bit of “good news” and went kinky over it. Its not the results of it, but the innocently actions that lead to the TINY TOKEN “good news”…

W (bu) and me….
Very cute la!
So we concluded, that next time when we share 4D together must blur blur share..
Blur blur pay and blur blur get numbers…

Lucky not big ones, if not we peng-shan!

I’m Feeling: …..

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Moving forward unwanted friendship

The senseless friendship of the world, no one can comprehend, the weight and sincerely, of the heart, is one our naked eyes cannot see, nor sometimes feel. If families can even sway, why not our non-blood related friendship?

Sometimes its better to move forward and not remember and think about “why this” and “why that’s’

It really pricks my heart when the unthinkable friendship happens, and it happens to you when you were least expected.

Like the bible says,. The thief comes to steal when the family is sleeping, when we are the most off-guard…

Is life all about struggling and fighting?

And then you think about all your good friends around!!!
Your parents and your loved one surrounding you all the time.. they are all whom been there beside you encouraging and loving you all the time,….. and it boast my morale and life up-times-more than the sorrow of a lousy friendship.

There so much in life to look forward to than to be moralized by some that does not need you!

And HE tends to smoothe and warm my heart many times….

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Sotong Mee not nice at Hong Lim

My 2nd time trying and I still don’t like it. I took another chance because most of my colleagues said it was nice, but still it didn’t suit me..

So well!


No more sotong mee for me.

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Its Christmas you know…!

Its coming!

christmas is coming there ain’t even a tiny mood going about, no decorations, no highlighting events to remind us of the warmth Christmas,

so i tried to get the Christmas moods into myself…

its 26 days more…….!!!!!!!!

The colleagues and I and a little ecstatic, delighted and ticklish, over the evening news at 645pm… something quite little but something small to tick us off, squeky….

Me agnes and W! probably CY!

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Finding Ex School mates in Facebook

We made a detoured to make poor mummy who was waiting at the bus-stop outside her work place for half an hour…after the work of us..

Daddy is home sick .. heaty his body it seems

Its extradionary, how I managed to come across all my ex-old schoolmates in facebook last night, browsing, some who were thought to be my old years best friends!

They all looked pretty much the same when we were in high school, so that’s so much what facebook is about.. finding your old friends and classmates..
Its amazing., some which I didn’t realized I would actually remembered myself, and I actually DO remembered, after coming across their profiles!

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Last evening, the Aunty Kim wanted to feed us in Jumbo Serangoon Country Club, because previously Sunday, she didn’t managed to pay for the meal over at a particular restaurant.

The “pass” Sunday was dramatic.. in fact when the AK or Aunty Kim is around, dramatic things happen…

There was so much debate at home as to whether to be fed at 156 coffeeshop or the “particular place” that the aunties wanted.
After much calling, to and fro, the aunties took the bus over to our house while me and the AK left for Yishun to Bishan for a “WAKE”.

The wake was to commenrate Uncle Heng’s Grandmother-in Law’s death. Old age of course…
There , we had mee goring,… 2 hours after our meal at Kolo mee in Sembawang….
The Ak and I shared, still filling though..

So after the “”oldies”” sorted out their plans, we waited at the “wake” until they work out their stuff at Woodlands and met them at the destinated makan place… “particular restaturant””.

Glorious food, yummy “not too yummy for me because I was filling full full””, still I struggled with the food…

Somehow, something went wrong with one of the dishes and ( I can’t say….) and
We made a little ho ho ha ha …. And called the manager…

The manager was apologetic and at the end course of dinner, we had more to eat desert… and the meal was free….

Still we thought we should at least pay a little, …..

That calls for us to be so pai-seh, very pai-seh , still , refused to collect a cent from us…

Back to yesterday’s dinner at serangoon country club.. jumbo….

Set dinner… it was so nice especially the jeo-DUCK…… I NEVER TASTED SUCH NICE HALF-COOKED JEO-DUCK IN MY LIFE!


AND the AK translate to mandarin Jeo-Duck means….

Something –nose – clam… now I forgot again.



MORALE OF this post :

jeoduck only!

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Ghostly dreamss

I must have been to indulge in facebook until 2 days ago, I dreamt of vampires! Fierce and infectious passing vampires that aim to turn all into vampires, and I was one of them, running and running away from my parents for fear of biting them… just wanted them to be safe.

Stupid yet in the dream, it was scary frantic..

And then, in fact, the last few days, I dreamt so much of spirits and ghosts… that I decided I was heaty in the heart, as what desmond said… oh well… as long as I got out of the dream and everything is as normal and safe… Phew!

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The sky is bucketing like never before!!!!! Just 5 more late mins, I would be thrown buckets and buckets of water by the sky, just like facebook…


Last evening, the moment I reached home I collapse on the bed and sleep till 930pm… imagine I left work pretty early. At luncheon, already I lost my appetite even though how cheng cheng the soup was and SINCE I skipped dinner, the AK followed me skipped till I woke up and went for a light porridge at 156.. I shared a bowl with the AK..
And of course, we didn’t idle too long over at the coffeeshop, talk a bit cock with the friends there and tried to get to bed after we played with the computer…

the air outside is not safe..,, please do not leave the building….””
the annoucement over the speaker in our office at 1002am just this morning, when we were doing the work.

It’s the IPP test from the building when we are all required to hide in a room, and seal all openings with a masking tape to avoid the outside air from flowing coming in.

So all slowly walked to the room, very the slowly…

And the 2 wardens took 2 small tapes to seal the openings of the door… real emergency we all died liao.

many many holes for the nuclear gas to flow in

all taking a breather from work… IPP is an excuse!

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Over the Last week.. our outingss

Thursday was Yishun Aunty Jenny’s birthday. Before we can buy her supper, she ordered many many pizzas sent over to the coffeeshop ….
with fish maw soup….

we had quite a late night over there..

The Friday 23 Nov 2007, Evening to celebrate for Mummy’s completion and successful auditing after few weeks of stress and

So me and the AK took the parents to balestier, right opposite of the Boon Tong Keng, after work for Daddy’s craving seafood claypot steamboat, he was longing to try…

Steamboat was si bay ordinary .. with the herbs soup quite nice though.

The vege like that costs a total of S$4 per plate…

The evening ended at 156 with the aunties coming over to celebrate the Friday with us drinking with lots of brandy…

The Ak and I went over to Chong Pang to feed them with Satay sticks and fried food.

The Aunty Kim was spontaneous with our friends of course…
Jeff was almost mess up with the beer

Needless to mention, The MENG! Mess up!

Coffeeshop being, no games, they guys had innovated games themselves,

See who can touch the parapet wall …

Only a few try..

Saturday night spent over at Rumours, Clarke Quay, our 1st time after the renovation… after estee..

Cheong one night,…. Rest three nights… si bay tired.. the stamina of Serena’s is failing… I’m still recovering from the after effect of overnight disco drinking…

anyway we had Uncle wee, his wife and Jimmy together drinking that night… with Uncle wee’s friends.. it didn’t take quite long before we realise was about 3am…

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