Moving forward unwanted friendship

The senseless friendship of the world, no one can comprehend, the weight and sincerely, of the heart, is one our naked eyes cannot see, nor sometimes feel. If families can even sway, why not our non-blood related friendship?

Sometimes its better to move forward and not remember and think about “why this” and “why that’s’

It really pricks my heart when the unthinkable friendship happens, and it happens to you when you were least expected.

Like the bible says,. The thief comes to steal when the family is sleeping, when we are the most off-guard…

Is life all about struggling and fighting?

And then you think about all your good friends around!!!
Your parents and your loved one surrounding you all the time.. they are all whom been there beside you encouraging and loving you all the time,….. and it boast my morale and life up-times-more than the sorrow of a lousy friendship.

There so much in life to look forward to than to be moralized by some that does not need you!

And HE tends to smoothe and warm my heart many times….

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