Hari Raya Haji

We had the dinner invitation on the Wednesday evening by Uncle Kiat without knowing the reason but at the last minute, we gotten known it was his birthday so the Ak and the parents got 2 wine bottles filled for him.

The dinner was at The Cathay, restaurant is the The Cathay.

The food was exclusively and was individually served, Chinese cuhsine, fine dining.
Daddy’s family was kinda huge and as always, 2 large tables for the Tan family.

The Birthday Bun that the Chinese believed to have with little buns inside. Ak had one too..

Bamboo clams one stick per person.

This was very good… one albalone person with goose liver fried.. Yummy

The old actors actress hung on the decorative wall. Didn’t know them until daddy mentioned!

Last evening, the mummy heard me talk talk talk so much about the crabs bee hoon over at AMK 232 I think and she went over early 530pm to queue up, while we dropped Daddy over at courts to grab the cheap sale television, but of course, it was sold out! What do you think? This is Singapore.

So we gotten a table sooner than expected and food was served specially fast even before Aunty Kim and Aunty Chia arrived!

We ordered almost the same food.. Let me tell you. Never try something you craved so much twice without half a year.

You be damn disappointed.

The soup was lousy and nothing was special and tasty anymore.
I thought was myself, losing my appetite, but no, we all felt the same, the Ak and me.
The food was nothing but ordinary …

Fish wasn’t fresh and Ah Chai’s stall makan fish was 10times better and fresher if he wanted!

After the makan look.

The aunties made their way home and we moved to Bishan Prawning.
I and Daddy take turns to have a go at it!

Post more pictures later.

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