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Tanjong Pinnang Kelong

Our weekend fishing trip over at TG Pinnang.. organize by Jenny”s colleagues, they were nice and friendly and the trip was worth it. S$135 for everything! Plus Jenny’s colleagues were a total of 30 humans, us family – 12 of us!

Over at the Ferry Terminal


over at Tanjong Pinnang

over at the cuttlefish factory…

we left to a hotel for luncheon which was provided for. Crabs in the noon. A little funny to be having crabs in the afternoon. Doesn’t blend

Finally the long awaited, we arrived at the Kelong while group 2 & group 3 went on to the town shopping and mssage
one of the rooms . our family group a total of 6 rooms…
the room right corner is our room me and the AK
string of rooms

from the fishing outside the room to the outter layer

we had in total at the end of the day 4 stringrays and several large fishes..
dinner was also provided for bbQ chicken Wings, stingray, sotong, friend maggie mee, fried rice, otah and bbq PRAWNS
the night where most of them were high.. 2 martell 1 chivas with early beer all the way.. BTW,.. the beer heniken at Kelong a can selling at S$1.50 per. By the noon, me Bolimo and Carol had drunk almost 24 cans… while the guys were busy with the fishes

going a little crazy with the liquor liao in the late night

we had more food in the night from the extra food dinner.
HAWK! so cute the hawk!

going home

the AK got the men over at the Kelong to clean cut the fishes and stingrays for us.. and he carried all the way back.. where we had our dinner at ah Chai 156 and we brought some for him to cook!

More Photos here March 2008

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Happy Birthday Helen

It definitely looks harder to post something at my command recently. Might as well.
Wanted to get a post blog msg to Helen, her birthday which I called her and wish her on Friday morning.

But here again


hope you had a enjoyable time with an additional year to the age!
its almost to the mid-thirties!


Its back to work week after an enjoyable kelong fishing trip during the weekend. April has no signs of public holidays no vacation.. to break into.

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on the fishing trip Kelong.
It was fantastic and good, relaxing and I had a great time.
But its more sleep now. Am back with after the dinner at 156, having our harvest, but it to sleep land first before i get to post to the photos and more kelong fun!

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The Office New GM


“”””””” Dear all

To celebrate Ann’s new appointment as General Manager, we will be having some finger food in the pantry this Friday, 28 March 2008 at 3.30pm .
Please make yourself available.


On behalf of the Management “”””
At 230pm, I was panting for hunger already. Can’t wait for the snack break. Anyhow, Ann gave a short speech before the food in celebration of her new appointment…

WE HAD SUSHI, Delifrance and cake…


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Hailstorm in our Mist


Last noon there were hailstorm IN SINGAPORE!

Now I’m pending for snow!

Nothing is impossible! Gaga

Hail is a form of precipitation which consists of balls or irregular lumps of ice (hailstones). Hail is a type of snow. Hailstones on Earth usually consist mostly of water ice and measure between 5 and 50 millimeters in diameter, with the larger stones coming from severe thunderstorms.[1] Hail is only produced by cumulonimbi (thunderclouds), usually at the front of the storm system, and is composed of transparent ice or alternating layers of transparent and translucent ice at least 1 mm thick. Small hailstones are less than 5 mm in diameter, and are reported as SHGS. Unlike ice pellets, they are layered and can be irregular and clumped together.

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The burn Soot .

IT WAS SMOKY And smell of burn smoke soot when we approach the 156 last night after American Idol 7, last 9, results!

Chikezie was out!

The joke was, the staff at the coffeeshop didn’t realise the source of the smoke and burn smell… Ann thought it was AHchai Frying some chilli paste, while AHChai thought it was the duck stall cooking some chilli paste..

The worst part.. the smoke and burn got stronger and it had went on for 8 hours already during the time we arrived!

And while everyone thought it was the other stall’s chilli paste, the drinks stall thought they heard the boiling water pot shaking and thought it was their boiling water system noise.

Back to us arriving, the AK talked of the smell and foggy vision and ANN decided to check it out again after all the “” thought”” thought’””

It was the CARROT CAKE stall that had the sauce pot over the naked flame that he forgotten to off.. He was the day time stall meaning he had overlooked the flame since 11am after he knocked off! The pot was burned and ANN quickly off it, of course!

It took them 12 hours to realise that noone was frying chilli paste!


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Vantage Point

The movie of different would difficult to produce such a movie, i would think .. but it was good, exciting at every moment.Your heartbeat follows every sequence.

Kinda like you start to look at things in every possible angles. Putting yourself in other’s shoes!

Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) and Kent Taylor (Mathew Fox) are two Secret Service agents assigned to protect President Ashton (William Hurt) at a landmark summit on the global war on terror. When President Ashton is shot moments after his arrival in Spain, chaos ensues and disparate lives collide in the hunt for the assassin. In the crowd is Howard Lewis (Forest Whitaker), an American tourist who thinks hes captured the shooter on his camcorder while videotaping the event for his kids back home. Also there, relaying the historic event to millions of TV viewers across the globe, is American TV news producer Rex Brooks (Sigourney Weaver). As they and others reveal their stories, the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and it will become apparent that shocking motivations lurk just beneath the surface.

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New Work

We had home cooked food last evening, thanks to Daddy who returned home early to prepare and Mummy who was on leave and went to the ZOO again with my cousin during the day!

And on duty today

I received a madness call

Received a stupid caller, doesn’t know who he is looking for and doesn’t know what he wants. Irritating

In the office, I’m into my new post in the Finance Dept still in the process of the training hard ground for the last week. While the office had some movements, new changes in every depts, I would consider myself a newbie in the current place I am in.
Changes new stuff, takes a while to adapt and your determination to absorb a total new alien work which I am trying to work on!

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The dying Bird

And when you just think only humans lifes are important and worthy of living, there this morning, I thought what I saw causes pain and sadness to myself apart from humans beings.

At the traffic lights while waiting for the green man, an Indian lady was already standing at the middle of crossing waiting looking at something. Then I realized also several other birds flocking towards the middle near her, and some birds stood at the tip top of the traffic lights looking down chirping and chirping.

In the middle of the traffic lights road stood a almost dying bird grasping madly for air, its beak were wide open and moving madly and its legs were almost chopped.
The family of the injured bird quickly flocked away at the slightest movement of human cars while some stood above top tip of the poles of the traffic lights, all looking and chirping at the dying birdie. when the coast was clear, the birds flew down to the dying bird again.

Hey, green light, I wanted to stop to look just like the Indian lady who look devastated then I saw the injured dying bird halfway to heaven looking pathetically poor thing, I could not take another look. it was just too heartpain.

Your heart suddenly plague with pain and sadness, especially when I saw the other birds that seemed to know what happened yet helpless…

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Left?Plant to help us naturally

No saints power.
Recently, after a word or two, We start going crazy over a certain type of leaf/plant/ whatever that falls down the tree and inside that leaf/plant is a certain type of white seed that you bite into pieces and swallow down just like a sweet, only this is very bitter and the lingering taste will stay inside your mouth for at least half an hour.

So we been plucking going around the garden nearby our estates for possible alive of this leaf/plant.
And been peeling it constantly for the last 2-3 days in 156 for preparation for consumption.
Everybody has taken it once upon a time before.
But it it said it was especially good overall generally for the well being of the health but in specific areas like High blood pressure, and blood clots. In testimony for those stroke patients or wheelchair people, some had recovered after consuming it.
3 seeds twice a day!

I haven gotten the English name of the plant/leaf or the tree.

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