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Ever wonder:-

How often do you play the “if only” game?

· If only I had it to do over.

· If only I had listened sooner.

· If only I could erase the past.

· If only I could forgive myself.

Because no one is perfect, we all have regrets. We’ve all made bad choices, said foolish things, wasted time, and hurt ourselves and others.

How do you release those regrets?

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Poor Benji

Its weird, these days when the stuff food or anything went missing, we would point our fingers easily at Benji. Especially after we caught him savouring a packet of fried Wantan from Pontian Yishun that were meant for humans.

So last evening when Mummy and I were in the kitchen and she was worried about having rats around again because 2/3 pieces of Kueh Lapis went missing and she vividly remembered she placed it right in the middle of the kitchen table… and was trying not to pinpoint at Benji…
Then we asked around, the Big rat was the AK!
Benji was looking sadly innocently then.
And he was!

And again last night when Daddy misplaced his packet of medicine on the bed, he remembered.
When I entered the room, the parents asked if Benji had taken a packet of bag to my room.
Nope of course not.
The first suspect was, Benji.
Again, the innocent, blur sad look of Benji being accused!

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Dripping Hot

Was glad when mummy sms us that Daddy’s pain in the back was due to spasm, the suspect! But was glad it was nothing major, finger cross!
So the parents stayed home the whole day today, and Mummy cooked porridge for Dinner.

Just when I thought snow might happen in Singapore, it all went to burning our bodies these days. It was like a wave of fire ball that chose to stay even in the home, I just went out of our room direction to my parents room to disturb the dogs of mine, I felt the fireball even in that few seconds.
It was terrible.
N everyone is talking about the heat.
Even stting in 156, unhypertive, relaxing talking, I was breaking out in damn perspiration.

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Daddy’s not good

Cool its already Tuesday with Thursday PH so it’s a cool week, with the weather not helping of course. It was in reality hot hot boiling until last noon, after lunch I had a headache. Not mentioning the new larger vertical monitor we received, probably had a part in it too.

Daddy hasn’t been good , at least for a week now, and after a few days of Medical Leave rest on bed and seeing the acuputurist, it didn’t got better today. He sat on the shoe seater this morning, all changed ready for work with Mummy and couldn’t move at all. My mother quickly arranged for a urgent leave, and the company doctor’s appointment.

After few visits to Sinseh, it didn’t seemed to work. I seriously hoped it was nothing serious. Still, it seemed to be a little long for the pain not to subside on his back.
Lets see what the western Xray would help!

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The AK’s Birthday

at Connections.. 8pm onwards..
an introduction through pictures.

part of the 156 group. also was the AK’s childhood friend and wife

151 Hwa Ge and his family

the first group of guests

156 Bolimo and Dennis

1156 Car-Loo and Uncle Ben

156 Aunty Ann

Tan Family, My Aunt Kim


156 Manager Ann

Uncle Yong 151

Uncle wee And Jane

The Daddy and Bolimo

Birthday Boy of course.

The Promotor and Chong

Partial 156 groupie

Partial Tan family


with the Aunties

Ah Joycie

Just posing

Molly & Tiger

Anson gor gor..

Cutest girl in connections


Jeci and …

2 Martell and honey

the AK boy

one more pose for Joycie

Dan Sinseh and Wifey- 151

Uncle Heng and ET

The “Birthday” “cake”

Alfred and BB

Words of thanks. short

“”HUAT “” ah!

“si mi ” tai ji !

BB and serena

like pan joo like that

check for more bunnies below


Nipple s

Boon Family

Daddy needed to show his bunny

Roasted Piggy – Joycie like the half head.

Tian Chai

BB other friends

POsition not centre with the COOK


Molly and ME!


see the large bunnie on carol’s head

mummy and cute girl

think its a cap or deco?

hemm. i thought it looked like christmas cap though.

the array of our group 156 + Tan family


Dancing . Aunt Annie was hot

and happening

and florence

see what i mean about aunt Annie

Bolimo looks scary.. gosh

Gan the F&B Manager

Florence and the Yeng


Brother and sister

DanZie and Florence

Looks like i am a bit out of position

so Daddy took over and re took the scene

then Yeng

2 high ladies

Chai – never looked into the camera,

the camera was in Zoomy mode.


Daddy singing Hokkien numbers
Daughter was being funny

Dennis and Carol – singing Cantoneses friends by Alan Tham




Hey he looked in to the camera

this dennis, didn’t know what he is getting into. Chio a never-drunk-drinker to drink.. .

BIrthday Kiss

See more photos here

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Fire Drill

We having the office fire drill at this right moment, the ‘alarm’ ringing constantly for the last 15 mins, causing my ear drums to be blocked.

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Its the AK Bash tonight

HEY today is another wrap up of the week. Fast quick and efficiently, its another yet Friday! And it’s a special Friday, cause tonight is the AK birthday Bash and yet to be known, I hope I’m not the one to fall into the liquor spam!
And I hope none would of course, that all be merry at the end of the night.

The week has been alright, very monotonously, washing cleaning and ironing the clothes, getting rushing home to catch the TV serials and passing the night over at 156. Thank God every thing was monotonous, sometimes it good to be the same than an awful whole lot of worries and troubles.

The parents placed a SUPERB MAN beautiful watch and a polo-T on our room chair last night all wrapped up and to be open by the birthday boy, which we did in a hurry!
I thought the watch was nice and large for the AK!
Just perfect for his big large wrist to coincide with the large manly hands.
Right….. and with a new handphone, the birthday boy is really to CHEONG tonight!

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My Day

My day today was simple.
As usual the weather was unpredictable. It was sunny in the morning when I left Yishun and was pouring madly when I reached Raffles.
I was soaked throughout running towards Watsons and stood for a while before I met a Samaritan who sheltered me to OCBC and I was stucked again.

Look carefully, look more, I noticed a lady fierce and boring, walking with the umbrella towards our office building and quickly I shouted her name. My colleague.
Thank goodness
But I was already soaked throughout, still better than nothing.
I was late for 6 mins.

Superb. At least I got to work.
evening, a tabao back for the parents, relax and here I am.

The office was with dos and don’ts recently,

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May May’s last day

A little note before I’m off to work for the rest of the noon. A sudden notice to May May this morning had the girls changed the plan KPC luncheon tomorrow to today. And since it was the last day of May May’s, I thought I would tagged along. As planned, I didn’t had the urge to have the fast food chicken for my life.

9 of us, walked to KFC. We started walking at 1145am, walked walked walked, cut through the construction site round about the China Town Point, across to People’s Park centre, inside round and round, I thought we would never find the KFC when at last, I spotted the Uncle old mate sigh after a 15 mins walked from office.

We gobbled down 2 chicken pieces each, with some whipped potatoe and vege and drinks and returned to our 15 min walk back to the office.
I had the skin, the original skin of the KFC chicken, it was good but the aftermath was… girly.

Now, it back to the work…

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Nite Owl

I don’t believe it. I slept so bloody late last night, and I thought I could sleep after the Ak left for 156. we had a bit of nap at 10pm and when we woke, he changed to go which I changed my mind because I thought I could do more sleep. But after I washed the face of mine, I was fresh awake till 3 in the bloody morning.
Trying to fall asleep when you ain’t attack by Zzz monster is a difficult horrible thing.

Trying to pretend to work when you aint no more work or finished your work is a difficult task. In the office, especially, when when the ball is rolling for no rhyme of reason.

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