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One more leaving

We get to consumed some snackie during the 330pm break. Some snackies provided by Cyn Lim as its her last day today in XLRe going forward to XLI…

Old Chang Kee and Delifrance , yes this office seems lots of food, but guess that is the gesture to show the appreciation of oneself towards a group of people, or actually, even to one!
Leaving one more… coming somemore.
This is the office life!

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This is Beautiful

Extract from Emily:-

God knows our every thoughts and even the pain and sorrow in our heart.
We can hide from others but not from God. He Loves us and will see us
through each difficult moment we are facing just learn to call on Him & He will hear us and be there to comfort us! Praise The Lord! My God is Faithful!

I got up with a heavy heart this morning but I went to the window and started worshipping Him and singing Praise to Him and by the late morning I am a different person. The joy of the Lord just fills my heart and my spirit. Thank God for He is a Good God! Jesus is the only way out!

This is a great way to start the day-It’s for you .

THIS IS JUST Beautiful .

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