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Top of Mind

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read each of these words and why?
1. Ice
2. primary
3. dirty
4. green
5. fly

Ice: – Freezing cold that doesn’t melt now. Because in the office right now is freezing with the airconditioned fan blowing my direction. What’s more, the shawl I’m wearing managed to keep me a little warmth in this noon. I think ice would have a different effect if I just came from lunch, hot sweaty and sunny!

Primary: gets me to think the primary the based of any elements in this world, material stuff! Not much of an idea for this

Dirty: Last night at 156 were just discussing about the La-La’s eating the shit in the water, the dirtier the better for the La-La..ss. Because they live on walls and dirtiness.

Green: to me, a lime green green, the purest innocent cooling effect on a colour, just like a cool day in the garden with grasses leaves. Dark green – dirty and dark.

another dirty insect that stuck to any smelly rotten stuff and carrys its (DUMB) germs around,. By flying and stucking on us. I HATE FLIES!

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Weekly Round Up 14

Ok this week ended with me struggling to wake up earlier than I should have to clock enough hours because the boss ain’t in and I could probably get to go home super early on Friday.

But I didn’t.

Still had to work till 5pm because the clocking hours ain’t enough.

Definitely, I enjoyed the most after work, having dinner simply by tabao-ing back and slowly savouring the food in my mouth instead of rushing at some hawker center.
Especially with the occasional rains that shower in the evening. Makes it even more scarier to drive with the blur vision.

This week saw me and AK packed back home about 3 times, catching the ahWANG at 7pm and the 1 room show at 9pm.

I had Wantan Mee 2 times this week.

I have still trying to adjust myself into the Finance work, helping the boss of mine in her reporting but still in training for the ground work!
That’s my WEEK!

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Colourful CHICKS

These chicks are cute !

I found these chicks photos in our office folder 2003 trip in BALI, one of the excursion the company had during the day in one of the Kampong!

Good for a Friday photo look. Makes you feel colourful and that life is actually can be quite a rainbow. And on a Friday, you just need to feel colourful brighter and hip up because its the weekend.

And THIS RELAX weekend means
– more time with my Family and the AK!
– Means getting up late and having later nights than weekdays’
– means lazing around with the AK in the house doing nothing or something
– Means getting to dinner together with the whole family
– talking more cocks in 156 maybe

When when i trampled upon this photo going through the folders, that was my first feeling thought, colourful and cheerful! so i thought of cheerful things!

what was your thoughts when you first saw this picture?

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AMI Final 8

Last Evening with the week of Dolly PARTON,

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Crowded Crowd

The trained was packed today so packed that I was squeezed left to right and because I wanted to get to work early, so I didn’t wait for the empty train to arrive.

So while in the moving cabin, was swerved left to right, hit behind pushed and battered, I thought it was finally over when I arrived at Raffles station.
Then again, I thought today I used the stairs instead of the escalator to save time, instead I followed behind this tall lady up the stairs and was concentrating on my STEPS very carefully, step by step, (in case I miss a step and fall, it happens) and the next thing I knew, the lady shoe fell off the feet of hers, and fell to the subsequent step. The lady stopped in the middle to retrieive her shoe and I banged into her bag. (lucky was her bag LOL)!

Thank GOD its FRIDAY!

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