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our Quotes

the favourite quote of the month:-

“” daddy, daddy,,… “””

“”” mummy .., mummy….”””

“” see, see….. “”

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Time Makin’ Changes

As I grew older, I realised my fats and weight grew into and stay as well. It used to be, hey, “ my bones were sticking out !!!””” and I could mouth tons of food into my stomach without frightening the weight would increase, guess, its growing with metabolism slowing down.
I must admit though, for the age of mine now, most strangers for the first impression would have not get my age correct!
(Physically …. gaga)

Yuppi! At least, I have one credit to it!

As I grew older, my music taste remains. Slow English hits, Canto, mandarin and techno hits are still in me…

I would prefer to stop aging and remain at mid thirties. It’s the best age to be at, not young not old yet enough as an adult to adventure and live a life!

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News – Father & Daughter incest

It was probably never in my culture and brought up to have the understanding approval of incest. Never and hopefully not.

So reading this news, father and daughter had 2 kids together, and being charged for incest I thought was hardly acceptable.
But I guess individually, hard to comprehend, when love does exist or maybe lustto some the others and people thoughts, could think it could be ok or fine with the relationship.


I can’t accept, hopefully never.

It definitely is not a rare case, still, its weird though and IT IS TOTALLY INCEST!
We believe its not acceptable because of the way we were brought up and our education on it, and its against our religon, but is it acceptable for you?


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"shilling" Oil

The room reeked of “shilling” oil aroma because last evening, the ‘tui na” uncle came after dinner to massage my leg and my neck in my room. The Benji was pretty upset with the smell, it was hilarious after the uncle left. I had to wait for an hour before I could bathe and you could see the Benji walked up and down, peeping into the room and his nose was seemingly obvious high and sniffing into the air trying to evade the smell which of course, he couldn’t!

And while the AK was in the room, I was outside the living room catching the Final 8 of the Amercian Idols, I watched the dog’s cute movements. Benji’s border was only until the door of my parents. Its like a red light, he refused to go near my room no more, the moment he wanted to walk out of the parents room, he would do his sniff, putting his nose in the air and get pretty upset over the “shilling oil” smell and retreat back into the room, refusing to submit his nose to the awful smell!

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