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Pre Snap Shots of Batam

A Snap appetizer before mine comes:-

Our SOF Church Retreat in Batam last weekend..


this picture looks comical… cheoan shot us pretty comical .. story is: every one looks happy
why eyes closed leh?outside the hotel Novotel Batam
Aiyo Car number plate 9 cannot be seen. That was the purpose.

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True Relationship

What seems like an incident caught my attention to these words

It is good and we need people who are close to us to tell us our flaws and mistakes in order that we will then be more mindful. Without, we may keep repeating without realizing, and for all you know, we may not even realize people are keeping away from us.

Yeah isnt’ it so true, true relationships are humans to mind us and not leave us alone to rot.
I guess but humans are such weird beings, hard to accept.

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