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Seeds from a tree

Still the no name fruit that i mentioned… i still duno the name of the tree and fruit. This noon, the AK & Dennis plucked a number of fruits down the trees !

This is the fruit

the inside of the fruit

after you peeled of the bark skin and whatever, the seed is edible . Good for High blood pressure,

diabetic patients and so on….


Last night over at 156,

Baby – mother is a Thai (not Bolimo). the Baby’s name is called Yeng Yeng!

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Jeslin’s BDay

Jeslin’s birthday at Dragon Fly Friday Photos.

See April photos here

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Overdue Batam Pixs

Our Batam Retreat had the 90% of the church people over at Batam on the Friday morning, while me the AK and Uncle Steven left to Batam after work Friday Evening.

This is the view of the Garden BBQ dinner from the level room we stayed in Novotel!

the settings of the Buffet BBQ dinner

the Tan Family started drinking at dinner already lor

we had a night session a short one, and the Tan family gathered at the LObby for session 2

drinking… the Martell and Whisky almost gone, not enough to go for the Day 2 night.

Daddy leading in worship in Hokkien

the back sitters

Aunt Jenny trying to emphasize on “Unity””

Day 2 dinner buffet again,

then a surprise party cake for Aunt Jenny & Uncle Chris 41 Wedding Anniversary. It was

touching and sweet… hemm

we all gathered around before the couple arrived to be thrown flowers at..

Video of the couple

Day 2 gathering with lots of can beers me and the AK went out to buy. the local Beer costs

S$0.68, Heniken beer S$1.30 each.

Last night closing, Uncle Steven wanted to contribute a little,

See April Photos here

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