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May May’s last day

A little note before I’m off to work for the rest of the noon. A sudden notice to May May this morning had the girls changed the plan KPC luncheon tomorrow to today. And since it was the last day of May May’s, I thought I would tagged along. As planned, I didn’t had the urge to have the fast food chicken for my life.

9 of us, walked to KFC. We started walking at 1145am, walked walked walked, cut through the construction site round about the China Town Point, across to People’s Park centre, inside round and round, I thought we would never find the KFC when at last, I spotted the Uncle old mate sigh after a 15 mins walked from office.

We gobbled down 2 chicken pieces each, with some whipped potatoe and vege and drinks and returned to our 15 min walk back to the office.
I had the skin, the original skin of the KFC chicken, it was good but the aftermath was… girly.

Now, it back to the work…

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Nite Owl

I don’t believe it. I slept so bloody late last night, and I thought I could sleep after the Ak left for 156. we had a bit of nap at 10pm and when we woke, he changed to go which I changed my mind because I thought I could do more sleep. But after I washed the face of mine, I was fresh awake till 3 in the bloody morning.
Trying to fall asleep when you ain’t attack by Zzz monster is a difficult horrible thing.

Trying to pretend to work when you aint no more work or finished your work is a difficult task. In the office, especially, when when the ball is rolling for no rhyme of reason.

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