Daily Archives: April 24, 2008, 2:21 PM

My Day

My day today was simple.
As usual the weather was unpredictable. It was sunny in the morning when I left Yishun and was pouring madly when I reached Raffles.
I was soaked throughout running towards Watsons and stood for a while before I met a Samaritan who sheltered me to OCBC and I was stucked again.

Look carefully, look more, I noticed a lady fierce and boring, walking with the umbrella towards our office building and quickly I shouted her name. My colleague.
Thank goodness
But I was already soaked throughout, still better than nothing.
I was late for 6 mins.

Superb. At least I got to work.
evening, a tabao back for the parents, relax and here I am.

The office was with dos and don’ts recently,

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