The AK’s Birthday

at Connections.. 8pm onwards..
an introduction through pictures.

part of the 156 group. also was the AK’s childhood friend and wife

151 Hwa Ge and his family

the first group of guests

156 Bolimo and Dennis

1156 Car-Loo and Uncle Ben

156 Aunty Ann

Tan Family, My Aunt Kim


156 Manager Ann

Uncle Yong 151

Uncle wee And Jane

The Daddy and Bolimo

Birthday Boy of course.

The Promotor and Chong

Partial 156 groupie

Partial Tan family


with the Aunties

Ah Joycie

Just posing

Molly & Tiger

Anson gor gor..

Cutest girl in connections


Jeci and …

2 Martell and honey

the AK boy

one more pose for Joycie

Dan Sinseh and Wifey- 151

Uncle Heng and ET

The “Birthday” “cake”

Alfred and BB

Words of thanks. short

“”HUAT “” ah!

“si mi ” tai ji !

BB and serena

like pan joo like that

check for more bunnies below


Nipple s

Boon Family

Daddy needed to show his bunny

Roasted Piggy – Joycie like the half head.

Tian Chai

BB other friends

POsition not centre with the COOK


Molly and ME!


see the large bunnie on carol’s head

mummy and cute girl

think its a cap or deco?

hemm. i thought it looked like christmas cap though.

the array of our group 156 + Tan family


Dancing . Aunt Annie was hot

and happening

and florence

see what i mean about aunt Annie

Bolimo looks scary.. gosh

Gan the F&B Manager

Florence and the Yeng


Brother and sister

DanZie and Florence

Looks like i am a bit out of position

so Daddy took over and re took the scene

then Yeng

2 high ladies

Chai – never looked into the camera,

the camera was in Zoomy mode.


Daddy singing Hokkien numbers
Daughter was being funny

Dennis and Carol – singing Cantoneses friends by Alan Tham




Hey he looked in to the camera

this dennis, didn’t know what he is getting into. Chio a never-drunk-drinker to drink.. .

BIrthday Kiss

See more photos here

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