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Dripping Hot

Was glad when mummy sms us that Daddy’s pain in the back was due to spasm, the suspect! But was glad it was nothing major, finger cross!
So the parents stayed home the whole day today, and Mummy cooked porridge for Dinner.

Just when I thought snow might happen in Singapore, it all went to burning our bodies these days. It was like a wave of fire ball that chose to stay even in the home, I just went out of our room direction to my parents room to disturb the dogs of mine, I felt the fireball even in that few seconds.
It was terrible.
N everyone is talking about the heat.
Even stting in 156, unhypertive, relaxing talking, I was breaking out in damn perspiration.

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Daddy’s not good

Cool its already Tuesday with Thursday PH so it’s a cool week, with the weather not helping of course. It was in reality hot hot boiling until last noon, after lunch I had a headache. Not mentioning the new larger vertical monitor we received, probably had a part in it too.

Daddy hasn’t been good , at least for a week now, and after a few days of Medical Leave rest on bed and seeing the acuputurist, it didn’t got better today. He sat on the shoe seater this morning, all changed ready for work with Mummy and couldn’t move at all. My mother quickly arranged for a urgent leave, and the company doctor’s appointment.

After few visits to Sinseh, it didn’t seemed to work. I seriously hoped it was nothing serious. Still, it seemed to be a little long for the pain not to subside on his back.
Lets see what the western Xray would help!

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