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‘Uncontacted tribes’ sighted in Amazon

Be very amazed, though we know that uncontactable tribes in the deep jungle exist, its cute to get this close!

From the CNN:-

Taken from a small airplane, the photos show men outside thatched

communal huts, necks craned upward, pointing bows toward the air

in a remote corner of the Amazonian rainforest.

The men appear strong and healthy, and they apparently live

with families in six communal shelters known as malocas,

the Brazilian government said.

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1. List five happy memories of 2007.
2. Describe four things you’ve learned this year.
3. Which three relationships in your life have changed the most this year?
4. Name two new places you went this year.
5. What one thing you’ve done this year are you most proud of?

Tagging Helen first. For your reflections ms chai, to post in your blog..

as for me…………

1. List five happy memories of 2007

a trip to batam beating the mosquitoes just me and AK, strolling to fetch some ice in the middle of the night in the resort. Lazing and doing perpertually nothing, just the two of us!

brought the parents to night safari and relax with some chang beer in the garden of the zoo…

I took snapshots of benji

July Trip to Batam with the whole family. We had fun!

JackPOt Machine in Genting Oct 2007 with the family. We drove up!

2. Describe four things you’ve learned this year.

So far,
– that natural cat-astrophe are unavoidable, (Sichuan EQ)
– that people can disappeared from your life in a split second.
To learnt to appreciate them & loved them.
– Never trust Good confiding friends ……… subjectively
– God loves us all!

3. Which three relationships in your life have changed the most this year?
– The AK
– My Parents
– Helen
Always building for the better of course

4. Name two new places you went this year.

– Dempsy at Holland. We stumbled upon the Dempsy and the House with my aunties driving behind us, and finally took a walk round to check it out. Lots of pubs restaurants. Looks cosy and posh!

5. What one thing you’ve done this year are you most proud of?
– this is difficult (till the next time)

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Awaiting time

Yesterday saw me leaving the office superb early for a medical appt in Gleneagles which we waited pretty long time in the awaiting room for my turn.

It is always the case, an appt is seemingly pretty much without like an appt. You arrived at your designated time to wait one hour plus longer.
I don’t comprehend the appt time thingy!

Still. We need the doctors. There Is nothing much we can do but to remain at the seat and hang on!

The songs in the ipod accompanies me every morning whenever I take the train to work. This morning, I kept pushing the next button because the songs are readily old boring and I heard it like, umpteen times in the last months. so many times, i push the buttons along the half an hour ride in the train, sometimes it got to the end of the 200 canto songs, ….

I think I need some different songs in the ipod.


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My stupid struggling Dream

Me carol and aunty nancy pants were soaked throughout during our lunch tabao yesterday afternoon in Golden Shoe.
The rain was merciless, even with the brolly, it wasn’t much coverage.
Darn .
While the ladies went to the toilet to dry their pants, I had a unmatching skirt in my drawer and I switched to the dry skirt for the day.

The dream last night seemed so real . I was in the middle of the road with the AK and I thought yeng yeng as well when a fight broke up among the road bullies.
It gotten so bad, we had to finally got out the car and watched the fight, it wasn’t long the road bully won and killed the other person.

Policemen all came and tried to nab the road bully but the road bully gotten hold of me instead. He was strong and pulled me towards away and I was screaming and screaming hoping the AK and Yeng to pull me towards the other direction.
But they didn’t

In the end, the Ak gave him S$50 to escape and he released me.
The policemen somehow disappeared.
Stupid dream but it was so real until now, the moments of me struggling to be set free. Haha its really stupid. Stupid to note down and laugh over It years later.

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the simple meal

Nothing exciting or out of the extraordinary happened last evening. We had our simple dinner tabao yet very delicious meal and watched the television daily programmes as usual.
One or 2 hours over at 156 after that, calm peaceful relaxing, just right for a work week relaxing after work time.

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My Blog lovemysnoopy

How I called my blog name lovemysnoopy…

I never knew what a blog was until one day, Helen emailed me and bugged me about she wanting to start a blog. Since she was away in Arizona and nothing to do, she started her blog back in 2005.

She called it lovemejean. (how she thought of this name, I never knew..)

Then I followed suit to accompany her. I followed her. I never racked my brains about the blog name. I just followed after lovemejean.

I called it …………lovemysnoopy !!. (Since I loved my snoopies so very much)

We started not in blogspot but some other free website and within 2 months, it got closed down, and we shifted out the entire blog to blogspot, blogger.
I was 3 months behind Helen!

That was how we were updated of each other’s lifes when she was away. It was meant to update my good friend during then…

During then, my ONLY 1 visitor was only Helen!

its been 3 years since…

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Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Recently the Tv Commercial on the boy & duck advertisment. It is just so cute, I dun seemed to locate it on the internet even the image.

Just look at the boy’s expression when the duck hesitate to walk over to take the Heinz sauce. The boy is just so cute.

Too bad, i can’t find the commercial image.

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Jeolous Benji

Shoes bite my feet bistering it. None of it came in perfect condition.
Its difficult trying to get a Cinderella shoes to fit the foot of mine.

The Doggies would get jealous too. When I came home last evening, I went to the parents room to disturb the doggies.

Instead of patting the usual Benji Boy, I patted Nikki Boy instead and praise like hell “good boy NIkkie’’..

Benji was barking and barking away intensely and pushed the Nikki boy away from me to stood in front of me.

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Sichuan Charity Fund raising

last evening the 3 hour Sichuan Charity Fund raising for the Kid’s School was indeed touching, certain stories that made Singapore dripped with tears.

One amazing fact was the mother carrying the baby using her own body to protect her baby… amazingly, the baby survived ……

It was the third day after the quake already.

The rescue workers were still looking for survivors.
They knew with each minute passing by, the chance to
find someone alive gets slimmer.

“Come here, come here! There is a body! ” Shouted a
rescue worker. His fellow workers rushed to the
spot. Under a big chunk of roof was a woman. She was
lying with a strange pose – she kneeled on the
ground with her upper body stretch forward. Her head
was on the ground as well. As if she was praying for
her survival.

The nurse in the rescue team struggled to reach her
through the debris. It was difficult. There was no
space. The woman was not responsive to any call.
However, just to make sure, the nurse still tried to
test her breath, to see if she was still breathing.

Not really. She was breathless, and her body was
cold. She was dead. Praying or not, it did not help.
The team moved on. There were other people buried.
They could not afford to spend time in retrieving a
dead body.

When the team reached the next collapsed building,
the captain suddenly ran back to the woman, as if he
realized something. When he reached the spot, he lay
down, put his head next to the roof, and stretched
his arm to touch the space under her abdomen. Once,
twice. His forehead was locked, just like he was
solving a mystery.

“There is a baby! And he is alive!!!” He cried out
to his team members.

It was a newly-born. He was neatly wrapped in a red
blanket decorated by yellow flowers. Miraculously,
he did not even have a scratch in his body. When he
was taken out from the rubble, he was sleeping,
peacefully sleeping.

The nurse took the baby from the rescue worker and
started doing routine exams. When she unwrapped the
blanket, she found a cell phone tucked between the
baby and his diaper. It had a text message written
on the screen, read

” My dear baby, if you can survive, please remember
mom loves you.”

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More G.DoG Photos

The rest of the DoG photos…

Tan tham foo


Picking up Rubbish

Planting of the treess

On the way to the scene

Group Photos


Group Photos


tha Day of Giving toil sweat.

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