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We were just laying on the bed watching the trailers and adver when they were promoting 张栋梁 Nicholas Teo’s concert and I always liked his songs, so jokingly was asking if the AK would go with me to the concert.

Then last afternoon, while waiting for my facial, Aunty Mary had pushed it futher to 530pm, the AK and I walked in and out of Junction 8. No foot Massage, all FULLY booked. Then we watched the 100.3 Fm doing a Beautiful Mother’s semi-finals.

张栋梁 !

Not clear of course, i was so far off, standing on the plant tiny parapet,

under the hot sun!

And i took a video of his singing.

Can hear cannot See properly lor..He Sounded good!

IT was minus one of course!

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BBQ on Labour Day

We were burned right through in Pasir Ris when we started our day at the beach at 2pm, with food some already prepared by Dennis’s mother.
Our BBQ food were in the cooler all cool with ices that me and the AK had marinated the night before.
That was from the NTUC Thomson, of course, with the poor AK lonesome supermarkerting while waiting for me to finish my dinner with my finance colleagues.

This hammock brought and tied by the AK had the kids playing the whole session, like

a swinging chair

Dennis’s younger boy, Kenny

Who says no need to book the pit. WE used to go with the 151sss and we heard

no need to book pit currently. First come first serve. NO need receipt.

We kana chase out lor. after starting the fire, the family that were due for this pit

came and showed us receipt. So we had to shift. Lucky thing, the AK had a standby.

We had our BBQ food anyhow. Funner

Charcoal cute

Day ended quite alright. Kids had fun, we had our share of relaxation.

Link: May Photos

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Dinner at Peach Garden

Thomson or Novena. It was a tiff between us. But ok we got to Thomson Plaza safe and good. Feeling so terribly hungry, we had no choice but to wait for the main stars to appear.It was more meant for the farewell dinner for Karen and Anna, leaving us in May. They had helped us, temporary. So Wee bought them farewell dinner cum Dept dinner, with the new PO invited.

we started dinner almost 8 to 830pm. Forgot! Digging nose?

This dish wasn’t meant to be. The last person we were waiting hasnt arrived and me and

Jasmine were so hungry, Wee ordered this dish to be serve for our stomach.

Who knows, the last person standing arrived sooner.


I forgot the date was 30April2008.

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The AK on his Actual Birthday

A series of late posts.

Tis Pix taken on the AK’s actual birthday showing the birthday boy caring for his plants!

Its always scary to have Ah Chai treats over at 156. He would prepare food for a ton of soldiers going for battle it seems.
there was the parents and me and the AK. Ah Chai was going a birthday Treat to the AK on his actual day, LUCKY the Bala passes by to nib a little of the food, after while of course, Dennis and BOLIMO came to the rescue.

I loved AhChai shark fins, no shark fins with lots of crab meat and eggies. I liked

Neverliked those with solid fins.. Gaga

EeFu Noodle with birthday eggie for the AK

The Red Fish that AH CHai speciality bought.. again.

Uncle bala with us in the occasion.

This “Ba” that stewed for 2 over hours by them. It was tender, aroma-ly sense,

and tasteful.

it was the Sunday so we didn’t stayed too late,. oh, i meant me didn’t, but the AK yes.

the AHchai got to seat with him until wee hours, while Ahchai was drunk in the end

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