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The Ak told me I could blog about the jam we had this morning, from 740am and I managed to reach the office at 840am. Not too bad. It wasn’t that bad actually, considering the jam, it was only 1 hour in the traffic. It just seemed a little longer because of the traffic stops. IT wasn’t that bad thinking back.

Then last night I thought I dreamt of Yvonne and Helen and me met up for dinner at a western restaurant. It wasn’t much, can’t recall the details, but vividly remembered, we were seated at a cosy posh restaurant having our mini gathering.

Then the blog site where I purchased my clothing during last year for the 2nd time had not replied my email, despite emailing for a while, only once did the person replied regarding my refund. That they were abroad and will get back to me. Last year I purchased some clothing, only to find out they didn’t have the stock. What then,. They promised to upload some new clothings so I could offset my balances, but its been more than 5 months, no updates, and 1 month ago, I wrote to the blogsite email to chase for my refund.
Don’t know if the reply was rude or it’s the wordings. Anyhow, more than 1 month of chasing, nobody seemed to reply.

It’s a minor sum though, I thought of forgo it, but I thought and thought and decided “nah”, shouldn’t even give them a cent, Thus, I asked Y to help me chase the payment, (>>>>), and within minutes she contacted them!

Thank you!

I think I shant order clothes through a blog again,. Its not reliable. And troublesome…. Gaga

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