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Mother’s Day Defination

Mother’s Day is a day honoring mothers, celebrated on various days in many places around the world.

Do you know Mother’s Day is celebrated in different days all over the international countries.

And in the USA, its a Holiday!

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3 things I learnt

Name 3 things you’ve learned this week, and what you took from them.

– I learnt to love my parents more. I had an awful dream around this week that caused me to lose my closeness with them.. and I felt awful in the dream. I was glad that it turned out to be a dream when I awoke.

– I learnt that play hand games, number games in coffeeshop is better than gossiping and talking nonsense that we might communicate wrongly at times. Except, games caused us to consume a lot more liquor.

– I learnt that when the AK is ill, he looks blur blur and sleepy but still is

accommodating and tolerance. Accommodating to watch a movie and do

shopping with me despite he’s body not feeling too good …

But also we get to rest early and sleep more.

– and i learnt i should get Yvonne and Helen for makan … (but when?)

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AMI Final 3

YES ! JASON is finally OUT !

how did he managed to last so bloody long, i don’t know.
Anyone ever seen him stand up do some walking about and sing.
nah, always a seat, with a guitar.


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"Dance of the Dragon"

The AK has fallen ill, and last evening after the “Dance of the the Dragon”, he fell asleep straight the moment he hit the bed.
We caught the movie in AMK Hub and had the western food, Beef steak at the Food court, despite my naggin that he was having a sore throat with the cough.
Still, we went ahead chewing the thin slice of beef that was pretty much lousy.

The artistic defining movie was slow moving and as the movie meant, artistic, so it was quite a bored for the AK, I think.
It was still quite alright for me.

Still I couldn’t get if the movie was focusing on dancing, couples or determination. ?? gaga

Then It was home to AMI, which I SERIOUSLY thought JASON was such a lousy DUDE.

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