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One word to Describe your MOTHER

If there is one simple word only that you can use to describe your mother, what would that priority one simple word be?

I had lots of words for my mother, to pick one out of so many, I was pretty difficult,. I think I would prioritise “LOVING” as the biggest percentage on top of the others.

Yup Mummy is definitely very LOVING, towards anyone.
I think I don’t recall her dislike anyone so far, so typically different from her daughter!

what would your WORD for your mother be? it can be a negative or positive word of course, depends what word comes to your mind first.

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Slow Korean Food

One of the temporary staff is leaving and today is her last day, a little student girl that helped us during her vacation. Me agnes and foo brought her to the Korean restaurant at Far East, I had my bibibimooo (??), agnes Maggie mee, foo noodle and Karen fried chicken rice.
To get the best taste for the noodle and chicken rice, it would take 25 minutes for it to arrive.
We left the office about 1150am, arrived there say about 12pm, and supposedly were the first table customers to be seated and ordered, but the last ordered food arrived at 1230pm.
Not the first time the delayed, ITS ALWAYS LIKE THAT. I wonder what is going on in the kitchen.
However, the food, I must say is delicious.

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